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NAMHSA seeks Fundraising Coordinator!

NAMHSA is looking for a Fundraising Coordinator. This position will be for two years, running from July 2017 - NAN 2019. This position is eligible for re-appointment.

Job description:
NAMHSA is in need of someone to head up our fundraising efforts on a year-round basis. This person will be a non-voting Board of Directors member and will be required to host a fundraising event quarterly, working towards a BOD mandated monetary goal for the year. The BOD will have final approval over all events and will provide brainstorming (including a list of options already developed), sounding board and other means of support as deemed necessary on an event by event basis. If desired by the winning candidate, a BOD member can be appointed in an official mentoring capacity. The coordinator may select a staff of one helper, pending BOD approval.

The monetary goal for the NAN 2017 - NAN 2018 time period is $7,000, with the goal being $10,000 for NAN 2018 - NAN 2019, if the previous time period has been successful.

The position will require someone who can be online and visible to both the BOD and the hobby public at large on a daily basis and communicate with both in a respectful, courteous and prompt manner. A successful candidate will need to be highly motivated, organized, well-written/spoken and have excellent event planning skills. Previous marketing and/or advertising experience will be considered to be a plus. A good working knowledge of MS Office - especially Excel and Word will be required, as well as good monetary handling procedures. Lastly, the candidate will develop and maintain with the BOD a Standard Operating Procedures document relative to the position.

Monthly reports to the BOD for inclusion in the NAMHSA News will be required as well as any requested update made by a voting BOD member. All events will need to be run in a legal manner for the state/county/country they are occurring.

This is a paid position, with the opportunity for results-based bonuses, to be paid at the end of each 12 month fundraising cycle. (First payment would be after NAN 2017.) The base is $300 a year. The BOD will set a fundraising minimum and goal each year, based on previous efforts, estimates and potential opportunity. If the yearly goal is made, a $100 bonus will be paid. If the fundraising efforts exceed 125% of the year's goal, an additional $150 will be paid. Any efforts exceeding 150% of goal will be paid an additional $200. (The maximum payment to be equal to $500.)

If the goal is not met, the BOD reserves the right to review the fundraising coordinator's efforts or may reconsider the goal. Staff and helpers are not eligible for payment but may be given preference if applying for the position in the future.

Application Process:
Interested parties should fill out the form below no later than January 31st, 2018.

Thank you for your interest in NAMHSA!

Last updated on December 19, 2017