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NAMHSA seeks Youth Coordinator!

A brand new position within NAMHSA, the Youth Coordinator will work closely with the Board of Directors, and the public in general. Duties will include:
  • Work with showholders to answer questions and encourage youth classes at events.
  • Reach out to other Non-Profit Children's programs such as 4H, Girl Scouts and Breyer's Children's program to connect these orgs with local showholders with the intent to include or encourage Youth attendance, as well as encourage showholders in creating original Youth events.
  • Communicate, either written or orally, in a professional, respectful, courteous and prompt manner.
  • Maintain and administrate a Mentor list to connect inquiring youth to local mentors for showing, judging, and new show creation.
  • Request any PR related items to encourage mentorship, youth events, and other subjects of importance for the position.
  • Assist with, and encourage all fundraising options for Youth events.
  • Act as Event Chair for any NAN Youth event options, if available.

The Youth Coordinator will need to have good knowledge of current outlets available to youth (i.e. 4-H, live showing opportunities etc), be a self-starter and willing to reach out to organizations and people without having a point of contact and be comfortable with youth of all ages. The position does require monthly reports to the BOD for inclusion in the NAMHSA News.

The position will start immediately and will have a 2 year term. This position will be an appointee for the President, with approval of a Board majority vote. This position is a non-voting position and eligible for re-appointment, if interested.

If interested, please fill out the application here:

Thank you for your interest in NAMHSA!

Last updated on May 6, 2019