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NAMHSA Member Show Archive 2006-2007

This is a list of the 2006-2007 NAMHSA Member Shows (May 1, 2006 - April 30, 2007).
If you are simply looking for upcoming shows, click here. All shows prior to this have been moved to the Member Show Archive.


November 11, 2006: Arizona Circuit Show-All Minis in Glendale, AZ. Contact: Gabriele Menefee.

January 20, 2007: East Valley Live Model Horse Show in Mesa, AZ. Contact: Mary Dillon. Results

February 17-18, 2007: OSC: Jewel Heist Live! in Tuscon, AZ. Contact: Denilya Barrett.

March 10, 2007: Arizona Show Circuit-All China Show in Phoenix, AZ. Contact: Kory Leamons. Results

April 27, 2007: Kick AZ Live: Minis 2 the Max! in Phoenix, AZ. Contact: Teresa Northcutt. Results

April 28, 2007: Arizona Live in Phoenix, AZ. Contact: Teresa Northcutt. Results


October 7, 2006: Mid Ark Model Horse Expo in Greenbrier, AR. Contact: Tracy Rogalla


September 23, 2006: Mini Mayhem Live! in Stockton, CA. Contact: Chris Jones. Results

September 24, 2006: Stockton Rocks! Stone Specialty Live Show in Stockton, CA. Contact: Tracey Tariska. Results

October 21-22, 2006: Fall Fiesta 2006 in Auburn, California. Contact: Des Corbett. Results

February 19, 2007: Eureka Live in Santa Barbara, CA. Contact: Victoria Zanutto/Stone Company. Results

March 31, 2007: The Fantastic Plastic Classic in Hayward, CA. Contact: Jane Morehouse. Results

April 1, 2007: Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic (BAAHCC) 5 in Hayward, CA. Contact: Kathleen Williams. Results

April 14-15, 2007: So Cal Live 2007 in Long Beach, CA. Contact: Julie White. Results


June 18-19, 2005: Sagebrush Live in Kamloops, BC CN. Contact: Nicole Bremner & Ellisha Nelson.

August 13-14, 2005: Model West in Calgary Alberta Canada. Contact: Castle Toys.

October 30, 2005: Toronto Live '05 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Contact: Cindy Edwards.


May 27, 2006: Devilish Kokopelli Live III, 2006 at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds in Golden, Colorado. Results

March 10-11, 2007: Rocky Mountain Model Horse Expo in Denver, CO. Contact: Mary Hirsch/Peter Stone Company.

March 17, 2007: Crazy Ladies Crazy Ribbon Crazy Custom Show VI in Brighton, CO. Contact: Teresa Buzzell.


October 7, 2006: Old Oak Farm Model Horse Show Series in Newberry, FL. Contact: Donna Artega.

February 3, 2007: Panhandle Live in Milton, FL. Contact: Jeannine DeCuir and Alix Gardner.

March 24, 2007: Hallie Ho Expo 2007 in Kissimmee, FL. Contact: Julie Wilkowski. Results


October 7, 2006: Southern Model Horse Convention in Covington, GA. Contact: Laura Behning.

October 14, 2006: DART Live in Trenton, GA. Contact: Pamela Pittman-Dade Animal Rescue Team.

November 19, 2006: Peach State Live in Atlanta, GA. Contact: Stone Company/Elaine Sulser.


October 21-22, 2006: 4th Annual Treasure Valley Model Horse Show in Boise, ID. Contact: Danna Levitt.

April 29, 2007: Treasure Valley No Frills Show 2007 in Nampa, ID. Contact: Dana Leavett.


October 7, 2006: Lockwood Live All Halter in Machesney Park, IL. Contact: Jennifer Tate. (Show approved by Cheryl Farrens)

October 14, 2006: GLC No Frills Live Show Series in Huntley, IL. Contact: Great Lakes Congress.

October 28, 2006: Halloween Hoe Down II in Carol Stream, IL. Contact: Valerie Sydor

November 11, 2006: GLC No Frills Live Show Series in Tremont, IL. Contact: Great Lakes Congress

December 2, 2006: GLC Inc.'s No Frill Show in Huntley, IL. Contact: Margaret Juergensmeyer

February 17, 2007: GLC No Frills Live Show Series in Huntley, IL. Contact: Margaret Juergensmeyer. Results

March 24, 2007: IA-IL Live Show in East Dubuque, IL. Contact: Brenda Metcalf. Results

April 7, 2007: Show For the Cure Live in Carol Stream, IL. Contact: Jenna Nejman. Results

April 14, 2007: GLC No Frills Live Show Series in Huntley, IL. Contact: Margaret Juergensmeyer. Results


May 5, 2006: Stone Horses County Fair in Shipshewana, IN. Contact: Dee Majors.


November 18, 2006: Mid Kansas Live Show in Douglas, KS. Contact: Gay Mahlandt.


March 31, 2007: Model Horse Mania in Nicholasville, KY. Contact: Cristy Brown. Results

April 21, 2007: Country Corner Market Model Show in Lexington, KY. Contact: Rebecca Jann. Results


November 11-12, 2006: Bayouland Live in Lake Charles, LA. Contact: Kim Janes Morgan and Dan Morgan.


October 28, 2006: Chesapeake Regional All-Halter Bash (C.R.A.B.) in Edgewater, MD. Contact: Mary Chrusciel

January 13, 2007 (Snow Dates: January 20 or January 27, 2007): A Mini Benefit For MAR in Edgewater, MD. Contact: Beth Hoffert.

February 3, 2007 (Snow Dates: February 17 or 24, 2007): A Foal Benefit For MAR in Edgewater, MD. Contact: Beth Hoffert.

March 17-18, 2007: Mid-Atlantic Regional Horse Show in Edgewater, MD. Contact: Betsy Andrews. Results


October 28, 2006: New England Performan Challenge in Spencer, MA. Contact: Nancy Timm.

March 4, 2007: Nor'easter Live 2007 in Chelmsford, MA. Contact: Kelly Martin. Results


October 21, 2006: Michigan Model Madness in Hastings, MI. Contact: Melissa Hart & Alicia Strayer-Mangan.

April 7, 2007: Express Show Consortium in Ann Arbor, MI.
General Contact: Teri Steele.
Silver Spur Live 2007 Spring Fling Express Show Consortium -- Contact Teri Steele. Results
Huron Valley 2007 Spring Express Show -- Contact Karen Zorn. Results
The King And I Live 2007 Spring Express Show -- Contact Gail Scheneman. Results
Motown Live 2007 Spring Express Show -- Contact: Donna Giles. Results
Michigan Model Madness 2007 Spring Express Show -- Contact Melissa Hart. Results


October 7, 2006: River Valley Live in Hastings, MN. Contact: Bev Manderfield.


November 4, 2006: Show-Me-State Live in Joplin, MO. Contact: Sarah Crites.

April 7, 2007: Ozark Mountain Live in Springfield, MO. Contact: Debra White. Results

April 28, 2007: American Heartland Show in Platte City, MO. Contact: Melissa Addson. Results


March 10-11, 2007: Nebraska Model Horse Expo in Lincoln, NE. Contact: Carra Reinmiller.Results


March 23-25, 2007: Las Vegas Live in Las Vegas, NV. Contact: Jacquie Fernandez.

New Jersey

November 18, 2006: Hunterdon Model Horsefest in Flemington, NJ. Contact: Lillian Shupe.

New York

October 21, 2006: Spooktacular Live 2006 in Ransomville, NY. Contact: Kelly Maurer.

November 4-5, 2006: Region 10 Regionals IV in Schoharie, NY. Contact: Dianne Lievense.

March 3, 2007: Jump Into Spring Model Show in Auburn, NY. Contact: Linda Lunkenheimer.


October 7, 2006: All American Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, OH. Stone Company/Kim Bjorgo.

November 4, 2006: Tri State Live in Maumee, OH. Contact: Dee Majors.

April 28, 2007: Tri State Live in Maumee, OH. Contact: Dee Majors.


March 10, 2007: Red Earth Live in Oklahoma City, OK. Contact: Lynn Yates. Results


December 16, 2006: Christmas Extravaganza IV Live Model Horse Show in Rickreall, OR. Contact: Colleen Merrill.

March 17, 2007: Luck Of The Irish Live in Silverton, OR. Contact: Wendy Ward. Results

April 21, 2007: Spring Fling 2007 in St. Helens, OR. Contact: Linda Watson. Results


October 21, 2006: Bloomsburg University Model Horse Show in Bloomsburg, PA. Contact: Vicky Bartlow.

November 11, 2006: Ride For Pride 3rd Annual Model Horse Show in Leesport, PA. Contact: Debbie Karycki or Tracey Walter.

January 27, 2007: Wilson College Model Horse Show in Chambersburg, PA. Contact: Wilson College Mounted Drill Team. Results

February 17, 2007: Berks County 4-H 11th Annual Model Horse Show in Leesport, PA. Contact: Deb Dietrich.

March 3, 2007: NW PA Series Live Show in Jamestown, PA. Contact: Karen Dietrich.

March 31, 2007: Southwest PA Classic "Third Times A Charm" Model Horse Show in Bentleyville, PA. Contact: Bonnie Valentine.

April 22, 2007: NW PA Series Live Show in Jamestown, PA. Contact: Karen Dietrich.

April 28, 2007: Greater Pittsburgh Model Horse Show in Natrona Heights, PA. Contact: Kelly Kesicki. Results

South Dakota

March 31, 2007: Hitchin' Post Live in Brookings, SD. Contact: Hilary Van Asperen-Rossow. Results


December 9-10, 2006: Clinky Classic 2: Tennessee Clay Ball in Dandridge, TN. Contact: Kristina Lucas Francis.


October 7-8, 2006: El Paso Equine Art Model Show in El Paso, TX. Contact: Marilyn Jensen.

October 14-15, 2006: Red River Live in Gainesville, TX. Contact: Carmen Robertson.

February 10, 2007: Desert Fest Live in Midland, TX. Contact: Melissa Pipes. Results

February 24, 2007: CHINETS (Clinkie Horses In North East Texas Show) in Campbell, TX. Contact: Cheryl Farrens.

March 24-25, 2007: Lone Star Live in Fort Worth, TX. Contact: Sue Stewart ( or Results

April 28, 2007: Last Minute Live in Sisterdale, TX. Contact: Shannon Stockton-Brandt. Results


October 14, 2006: 11th Annual Blue's Vermont Live Model Horse Show in Essex Junction, VT. Contact: Guys Farm and Yard.


October 14, 2006: Shenandoah Live in Lexington, VA. Contact: Peter Stone Company.

April 14, 2007: Shenandoah Live in Lexington, VA. Contact: Gina Ward/Peter Stone Company.


October 7, 2006: Spokane Model Expo in Cheney, WA. Contact: Zana Goulding.

November 18, 2006: Calliope Mini Live in Kent, WA. Contact: Amy Peck.

April 28, 2007: Evergreen Custom Classic in Kent, WA. Contact: Amy Peck. Results

West Virginia

June 10, 2006: Rust Belt Live in Wheeling, WV. Contact: Kathy Hill.


October 28, 2006: Crystal Creek Riders Double Judged Halter and Collector Show in Randolph, WI. Contact: Crystal Creek Riders Horse Club.

January 13, 2007: Milwaukee County 4-H Horse and Horseless Project Open Show in Oak Creek, WI. Contact: Charlene Ehlert.

February 10, 2007: C-Dragon Live 2007 "The Frigid Stakes" in Superior, WI. Contact: Amanda Crist.

March 17, 2007: Crystal Creek Riders Spring Model Horse Show in Randolph, WI. Contact: Crystal Creek Riders Horse Club. Results

April 14, 2007: Friends of Sinawa in Waushara County 4-H (two shows, same date and location) in Valders, WI. Contact: Greg Stebnitz.

April 28, 2007: Horse'n Around Midwest Event in Hudson, WI. Contact: Susan Blank.

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