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NAMHSA Contact Information
NAMHSA Officers President
Kim Bjorgo-Thorne

General NAMHSA Questions
Pat Coulter

NAMHSA Finance Questions
Janice Cox

Recording Secretary
General NAMHSA Questions
Julia Platt (election use ONLY)

Region 1 Representative
(Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming)
Stacy Quick
Region 1 Discussion List
Region 1 Facebook

Region 2 Representative
(California, Hawaii, Mexico and Nevada)
Heather Visser
Region 2 Discussion List
Region 2 Facebook

Region 3 Representative
(Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico)
Yashka Hallein
Region 3 Discussion List
Region 3 Facebook

Region 4 Representative
(Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, N. Dakota, S. Dakota and Nebraska)
Lindsay Diamond
Region 4 Discussion List
Region 4 Facebook

Region 5 Representative
(Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana)
Lynn Weber
Region 5 Discussion List
Region 5 Facebook

Region 6 Representative
(Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina)
Nicole Ramos
Region 6 Discussion List
Region 6 Facebook

Region 7 Representative
(Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee)
Carol Tuft
Region 7 Discussion List
Region 7 Facebook

Region 8 Representative
(Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Missouri)
Marilou Mol
Region 8 Discussion List
Region 8 Facebook

Region 9 Representative
(West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania and New Jersey)
Barbara DiAnnibella
Region 9 Discussion List
Region 9 Facebook

Region 10 Representative
(Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and New York)

Sharon Mossy
Region 10 Discussion List
Region 10 Facebook

Region 11 Representative
(Canada - All Provinces)
Lynn Royea
Region 11 Discussion List
Region 11 Facebook


NAMHSA Services Public Relations

Web Team
Lindsay Diamond

Lynn Weber

Eleanor Harvey

Merit Awards Coordinator
Mary Ann Snyder

NAMHSA Membership Secretary
Danielle Miller

NAMHSA Show Membership Secretary
Lindsay Diamond

NAN-Qualifying Show Results Processor
Lindsay Diamond

Fundraising Coordinator
Elena Lemm

Committee Chairs Member Show of the Year Chairperson
Sarah Townsend

Judges Handbook Committee
Carra McClelland

NAMHSA Official Address NAMHSA
PO Box 4887
Fresno CA 93744

Last updated on February 25, 2017