Provide as much information as you can about why you're nominating this show for Member Show of the Year. Each category has a hint (located below the comment box) on what we are looking for in your answers. Please don't just say "yes" or "no". The more information you provide about the show, the easier it will be for the committee to form an opinion about the show. Thank you for taking the time to nominate this show.

Enough divisions? Enough classes to satisfy everyone? Variety? Fun Classes? Performance classes in a logical order, with enough time between them for tack changes? Why was this a good class list?
Were judged allowed to split classes? Did they explain their placings and/or were they available for questions on placings? Did they keep the show on schedule and were they professional (not goofing around)? Were they are asset to the show? What made the judging better than at other shows?
Easy to find? How the the access for loading and unloading? Parking? Nearby eateries and hotels?
Was there enough room forall the tables? How was the lighting? Could you hear the announcements? What made this hall exceptional?
What made this show more efficient and better organized than other shows?
Did you feel proud to win them? Was there anything creative or special about them?
Any educational seminars? Vendor sales? After/pre-show dinner? Proceeds to a charity? What extras made this show stand out to you?
Were the show fees and awards worth it?
What made you decide to nominate this show? What tipped it over the edge?