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NAMHSA Logo Policy

Use of the NAMHSA logo

The NAMHSA logo is the exclusive property of NAMHSA. It may not be used in whole or part by any other party, private or corporate, without the express written permission of the NAMHSA Board of Directors. The following two exceptions apply:

  • 1. Showholders, upon show approval by the Show Secretary, may use the original, unaltered NAMHSA logo ONLY on websites and paper publications to identify their show as a member show. The logo MAY NOT be used on any form of merchandise, awards, or banners.

  • 2. Donors to the NAN Auction, NAN Raffle, or NAN Sponsorship program may use the original, unaltered NAMHSA logo on websites or on paper publications/flyers specifically describing or advertising their donation to NAN. The logo must not be used until the donation is accepted by the Auction Chair, Raffle Chair, or Sponsorship Chair.

The NAMHSA Board reserves the right to permit use of the original, unaltered NAMHSA logo by individuals or corporations if the Board deems said use will promote NAMHSA as an entity.

The NAMHSA Board reserves the right to sell merchandise (t-shirts, hats, giftware) with the original, unaltered NAMHSA logo on it. All proceeds from the sale of such merchandise will be used only to support NAMHSA or NAMHSA projects as determined by the Board.

The NAMHSA Regions are encouraged to develop their own, original logos. The Regional logos may not include the NAMHSA logo or modified forms of the NAMHSA logo.

Last updated on March 28, 2010