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Show Membership Application Tips

A few tips on how to make the Show Membership application process smooth and easy...

The NAMHSA Board appreciates the time and effort of the NAMHSA Member Showholders. From veterans to first time show holders, there are some easy guidelines to making the NAMHSA member show application process a smooth, quick, and easy one:

1. Respect the 60 day rule. All components of the show membership application, including the completed application form, the draft show packet, the advertising plan, AND payment must be received at least 60 days before the show date. You can send in your application materials up to a year before the show date, but never later than 60 days before the show date. The Member Show Secretaries cannot make any exceptions to this policy, for any reason, so please don't ask them to do so!

2. Provide all components of the membership application packet. Please do not ask the Member Show Secretaries to track down information from a show website, third party, or other source. Send all required information - it's really not much!

3. Make payment to NAMHSA. When paying by check, it's essential that the check be made out to NAMHSA. Checks made out to individuals will be returned. When paying by Paypal, please include a note with the member SHOW NAME. The Treasurer (who receives the Paypal notification) will not know what the payment is for, unless you tell her!

4. Make your card count count. Please be thoughtful with your classlist and count your classes carefully. Late additions of classes, and corrections of class counts that require more NAN cards, will cost you a $10 late fee (after the 60 day mark), and will cause stress for you and the Show Member Secretaries.

5. Keep NAMHSA informed. If you need to change your show date, location, website, or contact information, please let the Member Show Secretaries know so that they have a proper record and can request the changes be made on the NAMHSA website show listing.

6. Be kind. Please remember that your Show Member Secretaries perform a challenging and time consuming volunteer job for the benefit of you and the hobby public. Treat them with the courtesy and professionalism they deserve.

Happy showing!

Posted by Pauline Entin
Last updated on December 23, 2010