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Versatility Hall of Champions Award (VHCA) Winners

This title has been developed to recognize those horses that have achieved a higher level of excellence in both Halter and Performance criteria in the show ring. A horse must earn a minimum of 50 NAN cards in a combination of Halter and Performance classes. A minimum of 20 cards earned in the Halter division and 20 cards earned in the Performance division are required. The remaining 10 cards may be any combination of Halter and/or Performance cards. Breed, Workmanship/Collectibility Halter cards may all count toward the Halter card requirement, as well as cards from any one or more Performance divisions/classes. Previous awards earned with either or both Halter or Performance cards may count toward this award requirement. This award is eligible for a certificate and trophy plaque.

NAMHSA Performance Versatility Award Winner
Owned by Vicky Norris
Last updated on September 22, 2014