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Merit Award Winners Gallery

2015 Division Horse Hall of Champions Award (DHHCA) Winners

This title has been developed to recognize those horses that have achieved a higher level of excellence in a single performance division criteria in the show ring. In order to achieve this title, a horse must earn a minimum of 50 NAN cards in any *one* performance subdivision (Western, English, or Other Performance). A minimum of 15 cards each from 3 different classes within a single performance subdivision is required. The remaining 5 cards may be from any other class(es) within that same subdivision. For Example, 15 cards in "Huntseat Pleasure", 15 cards in "Hunter Over Fences", 15 cards in "English Trail", with the remaining 5 cards from a combination of any English class(es) for a total of 50 cards in the English Division. Previous awards earned from this same single division may count toward this award requirement. This award is eligible for a certificate and trophy plaque.

NOTE: Western classes include Western Pleasure, Western Trail, Western Games, Stock Work, Cutting, Roping, Western Riding, Reining, and Other Western. English classes include Huntseat/English Pleasure, English Trail, English Games, Hunter over Fences, Jumper, Cross Country, Dressage, and Other English. Other Performance classes include Harness, Costume, Parade, Scene, Showmanship, Saddleseat, and Other Performance. The Merit Award Coordinator has final discretion over whether a particular card applies to English, Western, or Other Performance. This award is eligible for a certificate and trophy plaque.

NAMHSA Supreme Performance Hall of Fame Award Winner
Don't Panic!
Owned by Nichole Hertzog
NAMHSA Supreme Performance Hall of Fame Award Winner
Buttons N Bows
Owned by Holly McFarland
Last updated on August 10, 2015