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North American Nationals (NAN) Frequently Asked Questions

Where will NAN be held this year?

In even years, NAN is held in Lexington, Kentucky, just prior to Breyerfest.

In odd years, the location is decided by bids taken for "Indy NAN" (independent of Breyerfest) locations and voted on by the Board of Directors.

Can I look at the Show Packet and Breed List?

The Show Packet is the best source for all NAN questions. Please thoroughly read the Packet as virtually all questions can be answered this way. The previous year's show packet is listed below, and this information will be replaced with the current NAN information as it becomes available, typically in late April/early May of each year. The Breed Cross Reference List is reevaluated and updated each year.

The NAN 2018 Show Packet is here .

The Dec-2018 Breed Cross Reference List will be used for 2018.

What do I need to fill out on my NAN Cards?

The NAMHSA Board would like to remind all showers of the critical importance of filling out NAN cards in their entirety as soon as possible after winning them. Complete information includes the name of the model, the name of the class, and the name of the owner. If you buy a NAN qualified model, you should follow the directions on the card to write your name on the back side of the card - do not erase or scratch out the name of the owner at the time of qualification.

Only properly completed NAN cards may be used for NAN entry or Merit Awards. Per an August 2012 Board vote, if an invalid or expired NAN card is submitted for NAN entry, the entry will be revoked without refund or opportunity for correction. The invalid/expired NAN card will be returned in the NAN entrant packet. This new rule is meant to spare the NAN Registrar from the burden of resolving avoidable NAN card issues. In the past two years, nearly a third of all NAN cards submitted for NAN entry were either incompletely or incorrectly filled out, or were expired. Expired cards may be used for Merit Awards, but submission of improperly completed NAN cards for Merit Awards will delay the application processing until a correct NAN card is supplied.

For complete instructions on your NAN cards, please see our NAN Card Information for Entrants page.
Notice about Invalid Cards (includes list of invalid cards)


Important notice about NAN card expiration dates: All NAN cards marked 2011-2012 are good through 2014, NAN cards marked 2012-2013 are good through 2015, and so forth. Please do not cross out the qualifying dates on your NAN cards. The NAN Registrars for future years will know the extended years. You may make a small note next to the current qualifying years listed, such as 2011-2014 to help remind you of the extension. Starting in early 2013, NAN cards will be marked with the new range listed as "2013/2014/2015/2016".

Can I show at NAN if I my country is not part of NAMHSA?

Are you outside of North America? The new NAMHSA Reciprocity Program may help you! Organizations that meet the qualifications can have their first and second place models eligible to enter NAN, and they agree to accept NAN cards to their Nationals. Currently BMECS and DUMHS have reciprocity with NAMHSA. If you cannot make it to NAN, you may have your qualified horses proxy shown (you make the arrangements with a person of your choosing).

How big can my performance set up be?

Performance entries are limited to a maximum area of 18" x 30" with the exception of Over Fences and Stock Work classes, which may use 24" x 30". Multi-horse (more than 2) hitches may legally exceed these space requirements when necessary.

Entrants are strongly encouraged to keep their setups to well under these size limitations whenever possible. Size limits will be enforced by the ring stewards and failure to comply can result in disqualification.

In what classes are set ups allowed? What can I use in my set up?

NO SETUP is permitted in Huntseat Pleasure, Western Pleasure, or Saddle Seat Pleasure classes, meaning no footing of any type and no props (except a rider) may be included. The entry should consist of model, tack, and (optionally) a rider. Explanation cards are permitted only to note specific tack permissions, e.g., Junior Horse for an entry in a bosal or ring snaffle in western pleasure, or to explain gait/movement for a horse not obviously in a walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, or gait.

Setups are permitted in all other performance classes, however, all parts of the setup should be germane to the performance portrayed (e.g., cattle in stock work, jumps in over fences, or a buffalo in a Native American costume are appropriate). Props must not obscure any part of your entry or any other entry. Excessive scenery, animals not involved with the actual entry, etc., are not appropriate. All parts of the setup must fit within the maximum sizes stated above and otherwise conform to the rules listed below.

- No photo backdrops are permitted.

- Performance explanation cards should be limited to 3" x 5" in size; additional documentation is limited to one 8.5" x 11" sheet. Documentation should be kept as minimal as possible and oversized documentation may be removed by the ring stewards.

- Each class is guaranteed only 10 minutes of setup time. We will be using timers on all rings. No class will be held for late entries. Size limits will be enforced by the ring stewards and failure to comply can result in disqualification.

What do the NAN Trophies (Cookies) look like?

NAN Trophies are selected via contest every two years, and each design runs for two years. The NAN trophies are highly coveted awards for model horse showers. For more information, see the NAN Trophy Contest page.

Recent Winners

Will I get paid for working at NAN?

The following positions are salaried and compensated with a t-shirt and helper NAN cookie.
NAN Chair(s) - $525
NAN Registrar - $525
NAN Head Steward - $300 plus $10 daily lunch allowance
NAN Auction Chair - $300
NAN Judges - $100 plus $10 lunch allowance (each day)

The following are volunteer positions and compensated with a t-shirt, $10 daily lunch stipend and helper NAN cookie.
Door Guards
Ribbon Runner
Assorted other staff including results/data entry assistants to the Registrar

Where can I find past years' results?

Show results, auction/raffle items, locations and approximate number of entrants can be found in our NAN Archives.

Last updated on January 9, 2019