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NAN 2018 Volunteers Needed!

If you are interested in judging or being our head steward, please visit the NAN Staff Page for more details.

Are you looking for a way to be a part of the action in July? Not interested in showing but want to see the horses and be a part of the show from somewhere other than the visitors' corral?

Then you're just the person we're looking for. The North American Nationals is the biggest model horse show in the United States and it needs an army to run efficiently! Most positions do not require direct hobby involvement and would be perfect for that bored spouse, relative, or friend traveling with you to NAN, or if you're only showing one or two of the three days, we can always use an extra pair of hands on the days you're not showing. No one is turned away and you are not required to commit to a full three days of involvement.

Our full-day volunteers are thanked with a t-shirt, $10 to cover lunch, and a helper plaque. Part-day volunteers receive a T-shirt and helper plaque, but no meal stipend. The show day is expected to run from 7 am through about 6 pm at the latest on Tuesday and Wednesday; Thursday should be done by 1 pm.

Ring Stewards
Does not need to be a hobby person! A bit of walking, keeping track of the judge's clipboard for each class, checking the tags on the horses before each class, keeping track of judges. Does require being on your feet a lot. Ring stewards should not show on the same day. A great way to see entries up close!

Ribbon Runner
Involves handing out the Top Ten rosettes and Champion/Reserve plaques for each class. Does not have to be a hobbyist. Does requires being on your feet, should not show on the same day.

Door Guard
Sits by the show hall entry and makes sure only people with the proper-colored badge walk into the show hall. (There will be a viewing area set up for spectators) Does not have to be a hobbyist, does not require standing.

White Board Writer
Will be in charge of keeping up with ring assignments, and writing the name of each class in the correct ring on the White Board. Does not need to be a hobbyist; most of the time spent sitting and listening as classes are called to keep the ring assignments up to date.

We need photographers to document champs and reserves for the NAMHSA Website! Performance photos should include any set-up materials; halter shots can be taken at ringside or a separate photo booth. Digital camera with large SD card required.

Interested in volunteering? Please email our NAN Chair.

Thank you for your interest in NAMHSA!

Last updated on March 7, 2018