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NAMHSA seeks 2018 NAN Registrar!

Would you be willing to help organize and run the largest and most prestigious model horse show in North America? Do you want to serve your fellow hobbyists in an essential capacity? Are you organized, responsible and able to commit to attending NAN 2018? Then please consider applying for the position of NAN Registrar.

NAN 2018 will be conducted July 10-12, 2018 in Lexington, KY. The Registrar must be present all three days of NAN. Both before and during the event, the NAN Registrar will coordinate with the NAN Chair to ensure that the show runs smoothly.

The duties of the NAN Registrar include (but are not limited to):
A. Running the NAN entry process, including:
1. Updating the NAN entry packet for the current NAN year.
2. Working with the programmer to ensure that the NAN program will capture all needed information.
3. Reviewing each online entry to ensure consistent information (e.g. making sure no one has entered a Clydesdale as an "other light breed").
4. Communicating with entrants (via email) to resolve questions regarding entries.
5. Working with NAMHSA's PR coordinator to ensure all NAN announcements are sent out.
6. Working with the Treasurer to verify that correct NAN entry fees have been paid, mailing checks received to the Treasurer.
7. Working with the Membership Secretary to update the membership database.
8. Confirming receipt of entries to entrants.

B. Working with the NAN Chair to develop the NAN class list (based on the MGC and entries received).
C. Creating and emailing entrant confirmation packets.
D. Coordinating and assembling show packets.
E. Distributing NAN show packets the day before the show, and each morning of NAN.
F. During NAN, entering placings and creating results, including:
1. Setting up the computers, printers, internet access etc.
2. Inputting the judges' sheets from each class all three days to provide real-time results.
3. Answering entrant questions.

G. Distributing results after NAN.
H. Submitting a full recap of NAN from this position - what was done that was new, what worked, what did not work, suggestions for the future.

Please note: The NAN Registrar does not need to personally do all the above tasks but is ultimately responsible for making sure they all get done. The time commitment is most intense from May 1 until NAN. The NAN Registrar WILL NOT be able to show at NAN. There is a $525 stipend for this position, paid after NAN concludes upon successful completion of all tasks and obligations. Task-associated expenses (e.g., for paper, tags, postage, printer ribbons) will be covered with appropriate receipts.

If you are interested in being the 2018 NAN Registrar, please send the following information to Vice President Marilou Mol no later than January 15th, 2018.
Last updated on July 30, 2017