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NAMHSA - February 2015 News
NAMHSA News for the period of February 2015, based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.

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Feb 2
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) reported that she had checked prices with a local printer and compared them with Badger Press.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted resumes for 4 applicants for the PR position.
Teresa then invited discussion, advising that top candidates would be asked for a writing sample to help with the selection. Brief discussion followed.

Feb 6
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) announced that she would be asking the applicants for writing samples for the PR position.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted the February agenda:
Should look familiar...
Currently working on:

1 Person/1 Vote - let's get this done! (Seriously!)

Currently stalled:

Database (need costs before we can vote on it - motion tabled pending that information)

NEW Stuff!
Top Priority:

Change bylaws to allow for all voting items to be immediately implemented, without requiring an additional vote to consider the item "an emergency" or not.
NAN Program & MGC when they come through.
Discuss the possibility of searching out a different KY location
Kick around the idea of going from 3 judges to 1 judge. Pros, cons, cost analysis, etc. It seems to be a topic that crops up every single year, perhaps it's time to actually do a little more in depth thinking?
NAN Packet changes part 1 - deadline for refunds, explanation paragraph regarding Decos vs Fantasy (maybe a better description of what's allowed for bylaws/policy doc?), I am assuming we'll have a part 2.
NAN Program changes part 1 - programming changes for registration that Eleanor keeps mentioning to me that I don't have the details about. I am also assuming there is a part 2 to this.

-- Lynn Weber (R5 and web) asked that advertising in Morgen Kilbourne’s Hobby Directory be added to the agenda.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked if the BOD needed any more edits to the new membership proposal.

-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) forwarded an email exchange between her and a showholder, regarding a show that was being planned. The showholder asked to move the date up on her show because of a booking conflict with her venue, however the new proposed date was less than 60 days away. Lindsay had advised the showholder that the show could not be approved due to failing to meet the 60 day deadline, however the showholder requested that the BOD be presented with the situation anyway to ask that an exception be made.
Some discussion ensued, mostly pointing out that the 60 day rule never had exceptions.

-- Stacy Quick (R1) moved to send the proposal to change the membership structure to the members. This was seconded by Annette Dean (R7) Eleanor Harvey (parl) called for discussion. She also advised that the ballot would need the new bylaws wording, and the policy section would need to be rewritten. Feb 7
-- Teresa Buzzel (pres) approved the January minutes.

-- Pauline Entin (R3) offered to work on the new policy wording for the membership changes. She also agreed to work on bylaws wording.

Feb 8
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) posted a draft of a response to the showholder stating that the BOD had decided that since the earlier show date did not meet the 60 day deadline, no exception would be made and it would not be approved.

Feb 9
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked the BOD their opinion on a full page inside back cover ad in Morgan Kilbourne’s Model Horse Directory publication, as well as a half page vertical “advertorial.” Those responding were in favor or the idea. Jackie Moore (R6) advised the deadline for ads was April 20th.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that she had received writing samples from all the PR candidates before the deadline. The samples were posted for the BOD to review and discuss the merits of each candidate.

Feb 14 -- Annette Dean (R7) posed a question from a member of her region: Could a NAN card be signed with a “stable name” instead of an individual name? Those responding felt that the individual name should be on the NAN card. Kathy Williams (R2) suggested a simple written policy stating this to avoid future confusion.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked for an update on the bylaws and policy wording changes for the new membership program from Pauline Entin (R3). Pauline advised she had finished the policies but needed to work on bylaws.

-- Pauline Entin (R3) posted her changes for the new policies on membership.

Feb 17
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) reported that she had a request for show approval from the showholder on her original show date within the required approval time.

Feb 18
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) noted that the changes affecting the 2014 NAN china division appeared to be based on a policy change voted on in 2013 but not applied until 2014. No note was made about this change during BOD discussions in 2014. She felt that while the 2014 NAN chair held some of the blame for apparently not reading the show packet thoroughly, the BOD also shouldered some blame as well.

There was some discussion afterwards. Most BOD members felt that the 2014 NAN Chair should have been responsible for knowing the information in the show packet. It was also noted in the past that BOD members not on the NAN committee were discouraged from micromanaging the NAN chair. It was also noted that the 2014 change simply put into writing what had already been happening at NAN, and was not a deviation from previous shows.

Feb 20
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) asked about protocol for cancelled shows. The show in question was a small one that already had its NAN cards, but the show holder was forced to cancel. Those responding recommended asking Amy Peck (former SMS) what she did.

Feb 21
-- Pauline Entin (R3) reported on an incident where a show was cancelled after receiving cards from 2009.

-- Niki Hertzog (R9) posed a question to the BOD:
I have a show holder that approached me today about a show next week. Because we send extra cards (for splits) she has enough cards to double-judge one of her show's divisions (performance) without needing additional cards to be sent.

She wants to know if she would need to pay in order to add a second judge and double-judge that division or if it's okay to go ahead since we would not need to send her additional cards? I know we charge for classlist changes, but generally those involve additional cards. But technically this is a classlist change so I wasn't sure what to tell her.

Feb 23
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) posted a response from Amy Peck (former SMS) about shows cancelled close to their showdate and asked if the show needed a refund since it was 3 weeks to the original show date.

Lynn Weber (R5 and web) advised she had marked the show cancelled on the website.

-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) posed another question to the BOD about a show that needed to push its show date back due to a problem with its venue, and because of a lack of available judges for the new showdate, was changed to a performance-only show. Lindsay asked the BOD for their opinion on whether the show should be handled as a cancelation or a change, and if the show should be offered any refund for the canceled divisions or charged the $10 show change fee. She also asked how to handle the date change on the NAN cards which had already been ordered with the original date.

Those responding felt that should be no refund, but also no $10 show change fee.

Feb 28
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) started a poll for the new Public Relations Officer and asked that votes be submitted by midnight Pacific time on March 5th, 2015.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted the following about removing the emergency change rules from the bylaws:
“In our bylaws, we have this section under article 4:

Section 7 - Scheduling of Changes.

Those changes approved by the member shows and individual members shall become effective with the following NAN year, i.e., changes made in a '97 NAN year would become effective with the '98 NAN year. The member shows and individual members may vote to begin a change effective immediately as an "emergency rule change". Designation of the change as an emergency shall be a separate item on the ballot.

I would like to change the schedule of changes to be that all rule changes are valid immediately after voting upon.

The BOD sends out ballots to the membership once a year and almost all, if not all, issues have had the accompanied request to have the issue be considered an "emergency". In fact, I can't recall the last time the membership did not vote to have the change happen immediately, instead of waiting for the next year's show.

Now, I do not recall the history of why this was in place. I have a feeling it, like most or all of our bylaws, was constructed during the time when then Internet was not as pervasive as it is now and hobby news didn't spread in 30 minutes via social media. In that instance, I can see where waiting a year to change something would have been fair to the membership at all. However, now I believe it is antiquated. We no longer allow for mail in NAN entries or mailed ballots and I don't believe we need to keep asking our membership to approve things on an emergency basis.

As far as how I see the bylaws reading, I could see two ways. We could simply remove the section or we could rewrite it to say something like this: Section 7 - Scheduling of Changes.

Changes approved by the member shows and individual members shall become effective immediately unless noted otherwise on the membership voting ballot.

Out of the two options, I believe it's best that we do not completely get rid of the section. It answers a valid question to those reading that article and section 6, which reads:

Section 6 - Other Changes.
Other substantive changes not involving show year, NAN Location or qualification requirements proposed by the NAN Committee shall be submitted to the Board. The Board shall determine whether any such change should be submitted for approval by the member shows and individual members.

Also, adding in the "unless..." text gives us the flexibility to include special roll out dates and what not, as what we will be doing with the one person/one vote.

I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts.”

No report.

Recent Shows:

Heather Visser’s Frozen Ponies shows in Galt, CA were held on January 17-18, 2015. The weather was beautiful despite it being January. There were lots of gorgeous models, a great potluck lunch and lots of fun visiting with friends. Great job, Heather!

Upcoming Shows:

February 28-March1, 2015 will be a two day show weekend. The Gold Country show will be held in Davis, CA. It’s looking like the show may end up being sold out. Show holders are Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski. Gold Country has been a repeat show for over a decade!

St. Valentine’s Day Live show in Norco, CA has been rescheduled to March 16th. Suzie Francis is our show holder for the 2nd anniversary of this show:

March 28-29, 2015 is another two show weekend. Both shows will be hosted by Heather Visser in Galt, CA. Saturday will bring the Achy Acres Mini Spring Fling show, an all mini show with many divisions:
Sunday brings the Big Valley Performance Show:

April 11, 2015 will be Jane Morehouse’s annual revival of her Fantastic Plastic Classic show in San Martin, CA. This will be FPC’s 12th year! Congratulations to Jane for bringing us this amazing show year after year.

The next day at the same show hall (April 12, 2015) the Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic and China Show (BAAHCCCS) will be held. Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski will be our show holders. BAAHCCCS is another show that has been in existence a long time - since 2002!

This great lineup of shows should give everyone a chance to qualify for NAN 2015 in Palm Springs!

Hello Everyone,

This February has brought the strangest weather I can remember. While the Northeast has been blanketed by snow after snow, here in the Southwest we’ve had record high temperatures and not so much as a flake of snow. 60-degree weather in February is very odd, but it is nice to get out in a light jacket.

As is typical, the winter showing season has been centered around Southern Arizona. Our most recent show was TES New Years Celebration in Tucson, hosted by Rachel Mitchell. I wasn’t able to attend, but Evelyn Spitzer submitted the following show report: “The venue was a really beautiful spot west of the Tucson Mountains in the middle of a pristine Sonoran desert area at a place called Cat Mountain Station. The woman who owns the Cat Mountain Station Café and surrounding acres of desert has a wonderful building that we used as our show hall. Large windows enable us to enjoy the desert growth right outside the building. We had entrants from as far away as Texas, New Mexico and California who attended, as well as some from Phoenix, Tucson and Southern Arizona. We walked a pretty desert trail to and from the café for lunch. The food is to rave about! So very good! The weather was great the day of the show. The Champion awards were very beautiful blue or red satin neck ribbons with a jewel on each one. The Overall Champion/Reserve received an intricate Purple and Gold or Purple and Silver mini rosette and the pick of a number of new Stablemates donated to the show. Rachel did a super job making those ribbons for us, lots of NAN cards were earned and the raffle had some really nice stuff that went home with various winners.”

In March we will have a quartet of shows, starting with one in Utah! On March 7 Shelley Hogle is hosting Red Rock Plastic Ponies on Parade in Hurricane, Utah. This show will feature concurrent judging of breed and non-breed halter classes. The following weekend, March 14, Teresa Candelaria will host a revival of her Kick AZ Minis 2 the Max show, in Phoenix. And then at the end of the month, we have a pair of shows, Fiesta Del Phoenix and Jewel Heist Live held back –to-back on March 28 and 29 in Mesa (near Phoenix), Arizona. Sommer Prosser has designed custom ribbons centers for these shows.

The first member show of the year in Colorado will be The Classic Classic in Boulder on April 4 hosted by NAMHSA President Teresa Buzzell.

Have fun qualifying your models for NAN 2015!

Pauline Entin
Region 3

Region 4 is hopping! Shows are cropping up all over. January kicked off with the Bristol Blazers 4-H Open and Youth Model Horse show. It was a very well attended show by both open and 4-H showers!

February rolls on with two shows in Wisconsin, the Sleigh Rally Model Show in Columbus, WI on February 14th and then the Meeme House Double Judge All Performance Show in St. Nazianz, WI on the 28th.

Also on the 28th, Katelyn Stevens hosts the 2nd Annual Pocket change for Ponies Model Horse Show in Becker, MN.

March brings shows on the 7th - 2 shows on one day in Minnesota - Amazonian's Live CM/AR Show and SW Minnesota Live - OF and Performance Show in Lakefield, MN. Two shows in one great spot.

Stay warm, Region 4!! Hopefully this cold snap will be gone soon!

January brought us A Midwinter's Night Ball, a two day show that is always well attended. The Kansas group also hosted a fun show, with several more planned throughout the year, including four NAN Qualifying shows.

Our only qualified show in the books at this point is Lemmonade Live, hosted by Elena Lemm, April 25. We expect to see a repeat of several annual shows, but dates have not been firmed up yet.

Hello All!

Old Oak Farm's All The Pretty Ponies was held on January 31 in Newberry, FL. It was a full house full of top-notch competition. The 4-H kids were there providing concessions for breakfast and lunch (we can still smell the bacon!) and Magic from Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses came for a visit during the lunch break. Magic and stablemate Hamlet were Breyerfest special guest horses in 2014 and Magic was named One of History's Ten Most Courageous Animals by Time Magazine. It was so cool to be able to see this special horse in person. Check out Gentle Carousel's website to see how you can help them continue their work (

All The Pretty Ponies was also selected to participate in the Breyer Live Show Benefit Program and the special Breyer horses were given away to very lucky entrants. It was a great show!

Next up on the Region 6 calendar are:
Central AL Live Model Horse Show at the Alabama Horse Fair in Montgomery, AL on Feb 28
Carolina Gold Classic in Monroe, NC on March 14
Palmetto State Live in Irmo, SC on April 25
MITS (Models In The Sunshine) in Leesburg, FL on May 9 and 10

See you at the shows!
Jackie Moore

Region 7 Report

Hi everyone. Winter gave us a few storms this month but spring is just around the corner !

No shows to report for January but we have some great shows coming up:
* February 14 – Oak Ridge (Tn) - Fun show hosted by Jennifer Pomerance
* February 14 – Snow Showers Live in LaGrange, KY hosted by Rachel Kelley to benefit the Saddlebred Rescue horses. Website at:
* March 7 – 6th Annual New Year’s Bash Live in Ashland, OH hosted by Chesna Wertz. Website -
* March 28 – Model Horse Mania in Nicholasville, KY hosted by Cristy Brown as a benefit for Jessamine County Animal Shelter. Website at:
* June 6 – Big Orange Bash in Knoxville, TN hosted by Carol Tuft to benefit the Large Animal Clinic at the U of Tennesses. Website at:

Hope to see everyone at the shows!

Annette Dean
R7 Rep

Region 8 is usually quiet in January. Show season kicks off with no frills feb 21.

No report.

Region 10 February Report

Brrrrrr! I hope all my fellow Region X-ers are staying warm and safe this February! Just remember, Spring is a little over a month away! And with that, here's a run down of some of the upcoming shows.

On March 7th, in Spencer MA, the third annual Southern New England Winter Round-Up will be hosted by Brenda Bednar. I have attended the previous two SNEWRU shows and both have been fantastic Halter shows. I suspect this one will be just as fantastic if not more so! There's already 40 people entered!!

On April 25th, in Spencer, MA, Joan Fauteux will be hosting Quabbin Valley Performance Open. This show is a MUST for the Performance showers! Entries are beginning to come in for this show as well - exciting!

On May 17th, in Manchester, NH, Jennifer Bolton will be hosting Manchester Model Madness. This is another wonderful show for the Halter showers. I can't wait to attend! From my understanding, Jennifer still needs judges, so if you're interested, please contact her. Her contact information can be found on the Region 10 website, which I've linked below.

And remember, you can always keep up to date with the Region 10 website:

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No report.

Posted by Janna Shepherd, PR 5/18/2015
Last updated on May 18, 2015