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NAMHSA - March 2015 News
NAMHSA News for the period of March 2015, based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.

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Mar 1
-- Pauline Entin (R3) expressed concerns about eliminating the emergency change rule. She felt that changes that would affect NAN should go in effect after that year’s NAN to allow for fairness. Rules that did not affect NAN should go into effect immediately.

Mar 2
-- Pauline Entin (R3) advised she had sent Teresa Buzzell (pres), Lynn Weber (web and R5) and Danielle Miller (IMS) the revised policies and bylaws for the new membership program. Lynn uploaded the documents for the BOD to review.

Mar 3
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) responded to Niki Hertzog’s (R9) question from 2/21, advising a change fee would be needed as the change required more cards to be given out.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) reported that the Palm Springs NAN would mark the 20th anniversary of NAN. She asked the BOD for ideas on how to celebrate the milestone. Ideas included:
a giveaway
request stories of favorite NAN moments
interview the founders of the organization
photo collage from early NANs
a party at NAN

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) replied to Pauline’ concerns about eliminating the emergency change rule by noting that the “unless otherwise noted” clause could cover changes that might affect NAN.

Mar 4
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) reported that she had received an email on February 26th from a showholder about cancelling her show and asking for a refund. Lindsay had advised that since it was close to the show date (March 14) there would be no refund. Lindsay had also just sent out the cards, and advised these would need to be returned. She did not hear anything further. She had received the box of cards today marked refused by sender. She had not contacted the showholder about the situation yet and asked the BOD what to do next.

Jackie Moore (R6) felt that if the cards needed to be shipped back since it was not clear if the show was cancelled or not yet, then the showholder would be responsible for paying a shipping fee.

Mar 5
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) reported that there had been an issue with a member who had not understood that membership in NAMHSA was not required to show model horses. She suggested some sort of statement to make it more clear. Lynn Weber (R5 and web) added a statement to the website stating that at this time, membership was not required to show.

-- Lynn Weber (web and R5) noted that the show with cards returned as “refused by sender” was still marked as an active show and there had been no formal cancellation. The appropriate regional rep reported that a notice of the cancellation had been posted on the show’s local yahoo group.

The Rep noted that she had asked the showholder to tell NAMHSA the show had been cancelled since local mailing lists are not official NAMHSA communication channels.

Lynn Weber (R5 and web) advised the show was now marked as cancelled.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised that calls for candidates for elections was overdue and needed to go out ASAP. She asked about a calendar function for the forum. Lynn Weber (web and R5) replied there was not a good one available.

-- Eleanor Harvey (parl) noted that almost every significant change to the bylaws had included an emergency change provision to get it implemented immediately. She recommended wording that would allow changes to be implemented immediately unless a different timeline were recommended within the change itself. Other BOD members agreed with this.

Mar 6
-- The poll to select a candidate to serve as the new NAMHSA Public Relations Officer closed, and Janna Shepherd was elected with the majority of votes. Only Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) did not vote.

Mar 7
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) posted the latest round of approved shows:
NAMHSA Approved Show List 3/8/15
Just a reminder to send your show applications to If you sent in a show for approval, and have not seen it on an approved list, please let me know.

REMINDER: Show results are due within 30 days from the date of the show. For a listing of show results due:

All NAN qualifier results are required to be submitted to NAMHSA in an electronic, searchable format. Examples of searchable formats are MS Word documents, MS Excel documents, and in most cases PDF documents. Hand-written or scanned results are not acceptable.

Lindsay Diamond
2015 / 2016 / 2017 Show Secretary

Region 1
No Shows to Report

Region 2
April 11, 2015
The Fantastic Plastic Classic #12
Jane Morehouse
San Martin, CA

April 12, 2015
Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic and China Collectibility Show
Marie Sobieski and Robin Kent
San Martin, CA

May 16, 2015
6th Annual First Show of the New Season
Sharon Massouris
Anaheim, CA

Region 3
April 4, 2015
No Frills Open Performance Show
Deb Ash
Tucson, AZ

April 4, 2015
The Classic Classic
Teresa Buzzell
Boulder, CO

April 18, 2015
Causeway Live Collectibility Show
Cindy Davis
Phoenix, AZ

April 25, 2015
Arizona Live 2015
Teresa Candelaria
Phoenix, AZ

Region 4
April 4, 2015
Crystal Creek Riders Double Judged Spring Model Horse Show
Kathy Gunderson
Randolph, WI

April 25, 2015
Milwaukee County Horse/Horseless Club
Charlene Ehlert
Oak Creek, WI

May 16, 2015
M.O.M. Live
Deb Johnson
Black River Falls, WI

May 30, 2015
North Star Live
Janice Pletsch
Big Lake, MN

Region 5
March 28, 2015
Mid Kansas All CM Halter Show
Amy Jones
Rose Hill, KS

April 18, 2015
Tornado Alley 2015
Lyn Norbury
Tulsa, OK

April 18, 2015
Hog Wild! 2015
Lyn Norbury
Tulsa, OK

April 25, 2015
Lemonade Live
Elena Lemm
Magnolia, TX

May 23, 2015
Indian Nations Live
Cassie Hayes
Dewey, OK

September 7, 2015
Labor Day Live
Elena Lemm
Magnolia, TX

Region 6
April 25, 2015
Palmetto State Live Show
Lisa Garcia
Irmo, SC

Region 7
March 28, 2015
Model Horse Mania 2015
Christy Brown
Nicholasville, KY

Region 8
May 2, 2015
Stone Horses Country Fair
Jo Kulwicki
Shipshewana, IN

September 12, 2015
Meows and Minis
Chris Wallbruch
Itasca, IL

Region 9
March 21, 22, 2015
Mid-Atlantic Regional Horse Show
Betsy Andrews
Sudlersville, MD

April 11, 2015
ROCKin' Model Horse Extravaganza
Callie Kossan
Slippery Rock/Grove City, PA

April 18, 2015
Berks County 4-H Council Model Horse Show
Leanna Long
Leesport, PA

August 8, 2015
Mid-Maryland Mini Model Madness
Danielle Duggan
Myersville, MD

Region 10
April 25, 2015
Quabbin Valley Performance Show
Joan Fauteux
Spencer, MA

May 17, 2015
Manchester Model Madness
Jennifer Bolton
Manchester, NH

May 30, 2015
Factory Ponies Live
Marisa Evans
Spencer, MA

May 31, 2015
NEMHC 25th Annual Summer Live
Nancy Timm & Jenn Al-Beik
Spencer, MA

Region 11
No Shows to Report

Mar 8
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS) forwarded a series of emails between her and a showholder requesting more NAN cards for potential class splits.

There was some discussion. There was concern that this might be a way to expand a classlist while avoiding the fees for the cards. Lynn Weber (R5 and web) recommended asking directly if the showholder was adding classes and if so, she needed to pay the $10 change fee for extra cards.

Mar 16
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) advised she had never gotten a reply from the showholder about needing extra cards for anticipated splits for her show.
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the January Treasurer Report Summary:
January Treasurer Report Summary
Balance in BOA checking as of 1/31/15: 58147.84
Balance in PayPal as of 1/31/2015: 506.52
Balance in NAMSA accounts as of 1/31/2015: 58654.36

She also posted the 2014 yearly report and the final accounting for NAN 2014.

Mar 17
-- Lindsay Diamond (SMA and R4) reported that her printer had died over the weekend and requested that NAMHSA pay 50% of the cost of a new printer. The one she had in mind would cost about $50.

Mar 18
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) thanked the BOD for their support while she had been dealing with ongoing illness and the eventual euthanasia (which had occurred on the 13th) of her beloved and elderly horse, Flick.

-- Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) posted an email that she had received from a hobbyist concerning judging breed standards at local shows. BOD members responding were in agreement that it was not NAMHSA’s place to tell judges how to pin models, and it was not NAMHSA’s place to define or oversee how breed judging was conducted. It was up to individual hobbyists and judges to decide if a given model was appropriate in a given class.

-- There was more discussion about the proposed emergency voting bylaw changes.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) presented the 2015 Minimum Guaranteed Classlist for NAN. She directed discussion for explanations to Niki Hertzog (R9) who developed most of the classlist. Teresa requested that discussion wrap up by the 24th. Most responding felt the classlist looked good as is.

Mar 19
-- Lynn Weber (web and R5) seconded Teresa Buzzell’s proposed bylaws change. Eleanor Harvey (parl) called for discussion.

Mar 21
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) said she was OK with splitting the cost of the printer per Lindsay Diamond’s (SMS and R4) request and asked that Lindsay submit a check request to Carmen Robertson (treas) separately for the printer.

Mar 24
-- Pauline Entin (R3) posted some questions about the performance splits. Niki Hertzog (R9) explained her rationale behind the splits.

Mar 25
-- Jenna Murphy (R8) reported that a hobbyist had a box of NAN ribbons she would like to recycle. Niki Hertzog (R9) suggested sending rosettes that were of the current style to the 2015 NAN chairs for re-streamering. Older rosettes could be recycled at other shows once the center streamers were removed. There was some discussion about other uses for older rosettes (merit awards, MSOTY, gifts to vendors, volunteers or donors).

Mar 26
-- Eleanor Harvey (parl) requested that Teresa Buzzell (pres) or Kim Bjorgo-Thorne (VP) call for a vote on the proposed bylaws change regarding implementation of future changes.

Mar 27
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) posted Minutes for the entire month of February and March 1-15, 2015. These were approved the same day by Teresa Buzzell (pres).

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised that nominations for elections closed on 3/29. There was one candidate for each region, but none for vice president.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked Pauline Entin (R3) if there was any more editing needed for the changes to the membership program. Pauline advised there were no more edits needed.

Mar 29
-- Carmen Robertson (treas) posted the February Treasury Report Summary:
February Report Summary
Balance in BOA checking as of 2/28/2015: 58,839.15
Balance in PayPal as of 2/28/2015: 40.00
Balance in NAMHSA accounts as of 2/28/2015: 58,879.15

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked the BOD to review the proposed changes to the membership program for a BOD vote that would send the proposal to the members by April 2.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) to set up a poll to approve the MGC for NAN 2015.

-- Dayle Steinke (MAC) advised she had 2 boxes of old trophy plaques for recycling and asked how to proceed. The current procedure is to ship the trophies to Auld’s where they remove the cookie, paint it and reattach to a new plaque.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) posted the 2015 NAN show packet for the BOD to review. She requested comments by Sunday at noon MST. Editing began.

Mar 30
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) started a poll to accept the proposed class list for the 2015 NAN.

-- Janna Shepherd (PR) posted an email she had received asking about the use of video for documentation. Janna advised the writer that NAMHSA only made rules for NAN and did not make decisions like this for local shows. It was noted that there is currently no rule against using a video for documentation at NAN, and that individual show holders would have to make their own decisions.

Mar 31
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) posted an update on BOD nominations:
Candidates for regional reps:
R1 Stacy Quick
R3 Yashka Hallein
R5 Lynn Weber
R7 Carol Tuft, Jen Dodd
R9 LeeAnn Bachman, Barbara DiAnnibella
R11 Lisa Sharpe

-- Lindsay Diamond (SMS and R4) posted a question from a show holder concerning a horse that was mistakenly written down in the results twice.

No report.

Recent Shows:
The Gold Country show was held in Davis, CA, on February 28-March1, 2015. Show holders Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski did a great job again this year, offering just about every division you could want. Saturday was sold out and Sunday was also very full. We had showers from all over the region and even a few from Regions 1 and 3.We were excited to have a very good turnout in the Youth and Novice division, too. Gold Country has been a repeat show for over a decade and this year’s show did not disappoint!

Upcoming Shows:
St. Valentine’s Day Live show in Norco, CA will be held March 16th. Norco is a great horse-friendly town with bridle paths running through most neighborhoods. Suzie Francis is our show holder for the 2nd anniversary of this show:

March 28-29, 2015 is another two show weekend. Both shows will be hosted by Heather Visser in Galt, CA. Saturday will bring the Achy Acres Mini Spring Fling show, an all mini show with many divisions: Sunday brings the Big Valley Performance Show:

April 11, 2015 will be Jane Morehouse’s annual revival of her Fantastic Plastic Classic show in San Martin, CA. This will be FPC’s 12th year! Congratulations to Jane for bringing us this amazing show year after year.

The next day at the same show hall (April 12, 2015) the Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic and China Show (BAAHCCCS) will be held. Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski will be our show holders. BAAHCCCS is another show that has been in existence a long time - since 2002!

The Preakness Saturday (May 16th) will also be Sharon and Phil Massouris’ First Show Of The New Season (FSOTNS). Sharon and Phil host the all mini show in their home in Anaheim, CA. This is this show’s 6th year! Sharon feeds us like royalty, we all get to have fun and see beautiful minis and watch the Preakness, so it’s always a great day.

And then June brings us NAN in Palm Springs, California!

Region 3 Report – March, 2015

It’s March and the show season has intensified with two months left to qualify for NAN 2015. The first show of March was Red Rock Ponies on Parade in Utah on March 7. Attendee Macy Lindsay kindly provided this show report:

“This show was great! Shelley had everything organized to a "T". Even the first draft of the show results were out to us within 24 hours...amazing! The show was held in Shelley's very spacious garage and breakfast treats and drinks were waiting when we arrived. Classes started right on time and moved at a good pace so that we were able to finish up by mid-afternoon. Shelley's husband picked up sandwiches for those who wanted them which allowed everyone to socialize during the lunch hour. We even had a younger shower who is now going to hold a 4H Model Show up in the Salt Lake area.”

It’s wonderful to see the showing base in Utah expanding!

Although Teresa Candelaria had to cancel the Kick AZ Live Minis to the Max (scheduled for March 14), we do have other showing opportunities coming up. On March 28 and 29 we’ll have a pair of co-located shows, Fiesta del Phoenix and Jewel Heist Live held in Mesa, AZ. Fiesta del Phoenix hostess Sommer Prosser designed special rosette centers for the show and has a guest judge lined up (see the show website for more details!). Jewel Heist has been accepted into Breyer’s Live Show Benefit program, and one lucky shower will go home with a Razzmatazz.

The next two shows will be on April 4. The Classic Classic will be held by Teresa Buzzell in Boulder, CO and the No Frills Open Performance show will be held by Deb Ash in Tucson, AZ. Rachel Pierce has designed a website for No Frills:

On April 18, Cindy Davis will be holding an all-collectability show in Phoenix “CassAway Live Collectabilty Show.” This will also be a no-fills type of show, but having attended Cindy’s shows previously, I know it will be a lot of fun.

Finally, on the last Saturday to qualify for NAN 2015, Teresa Candelaria will hold a reprisal of her long-running show, Arizona Live.

Lots of great opportunities!

Pauline Entin

Region 4 is slowing down a little in the 2015 show season before NAN! But we've got a few good shows left in the area to get your horses qualified for Palm Springs!

March 7th saw two shows up in Minnesota, both held at the same location the same day! Amazonian's Live CM/AR Show and SW Minnesota Live - OF and Performance Show, hosted by MaryJo Rust and Hilary Rossow, respectively, drew a great crowd. These ladies put on a great show - one I hope I can get to someday!

In Wisconsin, March is a quiet month, but April has several shows to get you qualified. The first is the Crystal Creek Riders Double Judged Spring Model Horse Show in Randolph. This is always a packed show with tough competition. Two shows on April 25th in opposite corners of the state will be the last chance to qualify. The first is Brenda Metcalf's show, The Pie Show in Hazel Green. Brenda provides a lot of fun! In Oak Creek, Charlene Ehlert's Milwauke County Horse/Horseless Horse Club show has a new date, and it has changed to an all performance show.

Starting off the 2015-2016 show year is the M.O.M Live show in Black River Falls, hosted by Deb Johnson. She has a great turn-out for this show - get your entry in early!

Welcome Spring! We've missed you!

Region 5 is filling in the spring show calendar!

March 28 brings us Mid Kansas All CM Halter Show in Rose Hill, KS, hosted by Amy Jones. This is a part of the Kansas show series which includes fun shows and play days.

On April 18 Hog Wild! and Tornado Alley return in Tulsa, OK, both hosted by Lyn Norbury. The following weekend, we have Lemmonade Live in Magnolia, TX on April 25, hosted by Elena Lemm.

Our first show of the new year is on May 23, Indian Nations Live in Dewey, OK, hosted by Cassie Hayes, and rounding up the show year (so far) is Labor Day Live in Magnolia, TX, held on September 7, with Elena Lemm hosting.

Hello All!

Central Alabama Live at the Alabama Horse Fair was held on February 28 in Montgomery, AL. Jennifer Bui submitted the following show report: "[The show was] SUPER! Amanda is a wonderful hostess. Love the option to also see the real horse demonstrations. Double Dan was there. Parelli was there and more. Vendors all around the arena such as BBQ sauce to halters and car decals. Almost a mini BreyerFest. I wish I could have seen more of the real horses. Entrants came from near and far. At least three regions were represented. Competition was tight. Original Finish classes often containing 35 + entries. Many of us were interviewed by a budding reporter/photographer. Hope to see an article from her get published." Sounds like it was a successful show!

Carolina Gold Classic in Monroe, NC will be held on March 14. This very popular show has been sold out for a while! I am greatly looking forward to it, although, coming from Florida, I am hoping the snow is gone by then. Fingers crossed!

Next up on the Region 6 calendar are Palmetto State Live in Irmo, SC on April 25 and MITS (Models In The Sunshine) in Leesburg, FL on May 9 and 10.

See you at the shows!

Region 7 Report

On February 14th - Rachel Kelley hosted the Snow Show-ers Live II in LaGrange, KY. True to it's name, we had a fierce snow storm during the day! And the show was a huge hit with lots of attendees and beautiful horses on the tables. The show was a benefit show for the Saddlebred Rescue, Inc. charity.

In March, we have the following shows:
* March 7 - New Year's Bash Live (the Defrosted Edition) in Ashland, OH
* March 28 - Model Horse Mania 2015 in Nicholasville, KY
(Links to the above are located on NAMSHA's website)

Annette Dean
Region 7 Rep

Where has the time gone?
Starting off the show season was GLC No Frills; though there was a small performance division, along with small halter classes, the competition remained stiff and we had a few beginner performance showers who stood up to the big dogs and showed in open. There was a plethora of raffles and unique items for auction, such as photography prints and limited Stone chips. It was a fairly cold day, but everyone quickly warmed up as we moved around judging and showing. Coming in March is the second GLC show on the 14th, followed by the 9th annual Show for the Cure on the 21st, and for a third show weekend in a row, Jo in Michigan is hosting the Niles FOP show which is offering several divisions including separate OF/AR/CM halter and performance classes. Hoping we warm up quite soon; I know we are all looking forward to spring and summer, and we'll take these upcoming 40 degree temps!

No report.

Region 10 March Report

Well - can you say SUCCESS?!?! Brenda Bednar's show, Southern New England Winter Round Up, was held on March 7th and it was an amazing show that was extremely well attended with people on a WAITING LIST to get in! This was the third year for the show and it's grown to be so big, Brenda is even considering breaking it up to over two days of model horse fun next year! Thank you to Brenda, Melissa Lee, Joan Fauteux, all the judges, and everyone who made the show possible. What a fun way to start the show season!

On April 25th, in Spencer, MA, Joan Fauteux will be hosting Quabbin Valley Performance Open. Break out your tack!!

On May 17th, in Manchester, NH, Jennifer Bolton will be hosting Manchester Model Madness. This is another wonderful show for the Halter showers.

On May 30th, in Spencer, MA, Marisa Evans will be hosting Factory Ponies Live. This show is a MUST for the Original Finish collector!

On May 31st, in Spencer, MA (seeing a pattern here?? ), there are TWO shows in ONE day! Nancy Timm is hosting NEMHC and Marci Driscoll is hosting China Buffet. Both of these shows are long standing shows that are well attended.

And remember, you can always keep up to date with the Region 10 website:

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No report.

Posted by Janna Shepherd, PR 5/22/2015
Last updated on May 23, 2015