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NAMHSA - May 1-31, 2015 News

NAMHSA News for the period of May 1-31, 2015 based on the minutes compiled by Jackie Arns-Rossi, Recording Secretary.

May 3
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked for more opinions on hiring the applicant for the fundraising chair. Pauline Entin (R3) and Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) requested more details about fundraising activities that the applicant had been involved in.

May 4
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised that she was still having computer access issues which were delaying the election. There were also issues with some individual memberships that she and Danielle Miller (IMS) were working on rectifying. She also reported there were still no candidates for VP.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) asked for clarification on the exact wording of the membership changes for a bylaws vote.

-- There was some discussion of bidding out a NAMHSA database, and a few potential prospects to ask for bids were brought up.

May 5
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) posted the April 1-30 minutes.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that NAN registration had been extended to Sunday, May 10. As of the time she posted, there were 99 entrants.

May 6
-- Lynn Weber (R5 and web) advised that there was a post on Facebook asking about parking at NAN. There was a paid lot available for NAN. Vouchers to cover parking for all exhibitors would run about $3600. She suggested the BOD make a statement on the parking situation ASAP.

May 8
-- Janna Shepherd (PR) advised that she had a request for a performance cross reference list similar to the breed cross reference list used for NAN. Niki Hertzog (R9) said she had considered doing one, but felt it was not a critical need and there was not time to put one together. Performance had many fewer grey areas as to how events should be sorted compared to breeds. Jenna Murphy offered to put together reference books to sell on Amazon as fund raisers.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised that there was an urgent situation with the number of judges for NAN. Jackie was assisting running NAN by accepting and vetting judge applications. At the time of the post, there were only 10 judges available for the entire 3 days, leaving most divisions with fewer than the required number of judges. There was discussion about either cancelling divisions with too few judges or moving to one judge per class for the entire show. The BOD decided to put out an urgent call for judges to see if enough would volunteer.

May 10
-- Teresa Buzzell (Pres) reminded the BOD that showholders needed to be more consistent about handing in show results. She asked Lindsay Diamond (SMS) to refuse results unless the following conditions were met:

1. They contain a full list of entrants with a key as to who is who in them. (ie initials, numbers, etc.)
2. They contain the name/year of the show.
3. ALL divisions are contained in the results.
4. Class names (not just numbers) are included. (Entrants are writing the class name down, not the number and then Jim can't find verify the result...)

She also suggested requiring show holders to allow entrants to proof read results prior to submission, and to allow a showholder 10 days to return corrected results should an issue be found. She asked Janna Shepherd (PR) to create a blog posting about show results submission.

May 12
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised she would inquire more about the fundraising chair applicant’s past fundraising duties.

May 14
-- Janna Shepherd (PR) brought concerns from a hobbyist about a show in which the showholder may have both hosted and shown in it during its early years of existence. After much discussion it was noted that during the early 2000’s it was somewhat common for shows to have a “ghost” non-hobbyist show holder. As a result, the show holder definition was tightened to eliminate this situation. There was no violation of NAMHSA rules at the time the shows had been held.

May 19
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) presented a scenario to the BOD of a mother/daughter show holding pair who were both attempting to enter NAN. Only the mother was ever listed as a show holder, however, they had held multiple shows during the qualifying period. The BOD felt it was OK to allow the daughter to use one of the shows to get the member benefits, but also felt that in the future there should be policy to prevent this from happening again.

May 20
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised she was still waiting to hear from the applicant about the fundraising chair spot.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) advised that the annual meeting would be June 27 at 12:30 PST, and that Dayle Steinke (MAC) would be running the meeting.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) asked for further thoughts on the 3 judge vs 1 judge system for NAN. Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) spoke in favor of the 1 judge system, presenting data from this year’s judges as evidence that there were not enough hobbyists to really make 3 judge panels work.

May 21
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) repeated her request for clarification of the wording for the vote on changes to the membership program.

-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) approved the April 2014 minutes.

May 22
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) repeated her request for clarification of the wording for the vote on changes to the membership program.

-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) posted the May 1-15 minutes.

May 23
-- Lindsay Diamond (R4 and SMS) advised she would work on a document for show holders outlining proper procedures for results submission. Lynn Weber (R5 and web) offered a partial document for show holders that she and Amy Peck (former SMS) had worked on as a starting point.

May 26
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised she was still waiting on candidate bios from candidates in Regions 1, 3 and 9. She would send out a reminder with a deadline later that day.

May 28
-- Jackie Arns-Rossi (RS) advised that she was only waiting on a bio for the VP candidate for the election.

May 30
-- Teresa Buzzell (pres) confirmed that the applicant for the Fundraising chair was no longer interested.

-- Niki Hertzog (R9) posted the final NAN classlist for approval. Teresa Buzzell (pre) requested that all discussion wrap by Wednesday to allow the BOD to approve the classlist.


No report.

Recent Shows:

Jane Morehouse’s 12th annual Fantastic Plastic Classic show was once again as fantastic as its name. A full house and a great day was had by all who attended.

The next day the Bay Area All Halter Custom Classic and China Show (BAAHCCCS) was held in the same hall.. Robin Kent and Marie Sobieski were show holders for a beautiful spring day. The show was relaxing and fun. BAAHCCCS is another show that has been in existence a long time - since 2002!

Upcoming Shows:

The Preakness Saturday (May 16th) will also be Sharon and Phil Massouris’ First Show Of The New Season (FSOTNS). Sharon and Phil host the all mini show in their home in Anaheim, CA. This is this show’s 6th year! Sharon feeds us like royalty, we all get to have fun and see beautiful minis and watch the Preakness, so it’s always a great day.

Many folks in Region 2 are preparing for NAN in Palm Springs and greatly looking forward to having NAN close to home.

Happy summer everyone!
Summer started here in the "high country" (7,000 feet) with snow on May 9! I hope we've seen the last of the fluffy white stuff for the next five months.

The 14-15 show year ended with a two shows on the last two weekends of April. On April 18, Cindy Davis hosted CassAway Live in central Phoenix. This show was an all collectibility affair. We had some wonderful Breyers on display, both vintage and newer. One of my favorites was a vintage Lady Phase, complete with the box, ribbon, and Lynn Anderson record! We also had vintage decorators, charcoals, woodgrains, "roans", and flockies. The show included divisions for Peter Stone models and chinas. We all got to see some factory customs and a very rare Creamware. Lunch was catered and the show finished up by mid-afternoon. Everyone had a fun and relaxing time.

The next weekend, Teresa Candelaria hosted a revival of Arizona Live after a four year hiatus. Teresa writes "I had some wonderfully knowledgeable judges that helped me out: Heidi Reaves, Annette Kitts, Sommer Prosser, Michelle Eisley, and Cindy Marco, who also found this great show hall. The hall had great lighting, plenty of room and best of all it was held in an antique mall and they were having a sale!" Teresa says she plans to host the show again next year - yippie!

At the moment, the only NAN qualifying shows planed for Region 3 for May, June, and July are two shows in Boulder, CO on May 24, Springamathing and The Other Show. I know several members of Region 3 plan to make the trip to NAN in June. Best of luck!!

Pauline Entin
Region 3

While the NAMHSA show calendar has started fresh, NAN 2015 is just around the corner, and show season is still in full swing for May and June in Region 4!

There are 3 shows coming up in Minnesota. The first is May 30th, the North Star Live show in Big Lake, MN. Janice Pletsch is the host and contact for this show.

2 shows - 1 day = A ton of fun! Hillary Rossow and Denise Fritschmann host the SW Minnesota Live Shows - CM and Performance in one show, and OF in the other. And the titles? Well, "It's Too Far to Go to NAN!"

Wisconsin has one show coming up in May, and that's Deb Johnson's M.O.M. Live in Black River Falls. Deb has a great show on the western side of Wisconsin to start out the new show year!

Good luck to everyone making the journey to Palm Springs! I've visited the area before, and you're in for a great weekend!

April brought us three shows, Hog Wild! and Tornado Alley in Tulsa, OK, and Lemmonade Live in Magnolia, TX. May's only show is Indian Nations Live in Dewey, OK.

June has a brand new show by a young show holder. Let's show her that we appreciate her stepping up to host another show for us! It is Autumn Affinity Live in Port Allen, LA, hosted by Caitlin Jordan. The BYO is back for the 17th time in Sanger, TX in June, also.

Labor Day Live will return in Magnolia, TX on Labor Day. Later this fall, rather than having us go without a south Louisiana show, as Cajun Country Live is on hiatus, the show holders for Silver Spur Live on the Bayou are hoping to bring it back. The two shows normally alternate, but they are willing to host again this year.

Hello All!

Another fantastic Palmetto State Live was held in Irmo, SC on April 25. I truly enjoy this show and was glad I was able to attend again. If you have not made it to one of these shows yet, put it on your to-do list! You are missing out!

Next up on the region show calendar is MITS (Models In The Sunshine) in Leesburg, FL on May 9 and 10. Entries are still coming in and this promises to be a full house and a fun show!

After MITS is the Hollow Horse All Foal Show in Cumming, GA on June 20. Valerie Rice always puts on a fun show, so I'm sure this will be no exception.

See you at the shows!
Jackie Moore

Region 7

Spring has sprung finally for us in Region 7! The grass is green and the birds are singing.
There are no shows to report for April but we have the following upcoming shows:
June 6th - Big Orange Bash in Knoxville, TN
July 16 - Vive Le Breakables Live at Breyerfest - Lexington, KY
July 17 - Breyerfest Open Show - Lexington, KY
(Links to these shows can be found at the NAMHSA site: )

Annette Dean
Region 7 Rep

No report.

No report.

Region 10 May Report

Spring is coming! And with that, our show season ramps up!

Another wonderful Quabbin Valley Performance show, hosted by Joan Fauteux was held on April 25th. The show was well attended and had fierce competition as always. Thank you Joan and all that made the show possible!

On May 17th, in Manchester, NH, Jennifer Bolton will be hosting Manchester Model Madness. I can't wait to attend this show and hope to see many of you there!

On May 30th, in Spencer, MA, Marisa Evans will be hosting Factory Ponies Live. This is a fantastic show for your OFs!

On May 31st, in Spencer, MA, there are TWO shows in ONE day! Nancy Timm is hosting NEMHC and Marci Driscoll is hosting China Buffet. These shows are excellent and you should certainly attend!

On June 6th, in Spencer, MA there is a wonderful Novice show, New England Novice Extravaganza, hosted by Amanda Reed. Have you always wanted to try out showing? This is YOUR show!

And remember, you can always keep up to date with the Region 10 website:

~Sharon Mossy~
Region 10 Rep

No report.

Last updated on August 20, 2014