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NAMHSA - North American Nationals (NAN)

NAN 2016/2017 Trophy Contest

Attention all sculptors and artists! You have the chance to make your special piece of art the highlight of the North American Nationals for 2016/2017!


This contest is conducted every two years. It determines the design of the trophy that will be presented to the Champions and Reserve Champions at the annual North American Nationals (NAN) show for the following Kentucky NAN and Indy NAN. The NAN trophies are highly coveted awards for model horse showers.
This contest has a prestigious history. The first trophy "head" was sculpted by the talented Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and was presented to the Champions and Reserves at the 1995 and 1996 NANs. Subsequent trophies (1997-2015) were designed by Carlee Balling, Kathi Bogucki, Sharon Fulcher, Sommer Prosser, Cynthia Kuerth, Laura Skillern, Sommer Prosser (again), Kristina Lucas Francis, and Sheila Bishop.
The time has come to choose a new design. By tradition, the new design is selected by the past designer. Thus, Sheila Bishop will judge this year's contest.


Sculptors, remember that your piece must be no larger than 4.5 by 4.5 inches and no smaller than approximately 3 x 3.5 inches. It must fit on the plaque but not be dwarfed by it. Any submissions over the maximum dimensions will be disqualified. The preferred style is is a relief type design. Your composition should be free of significant undercuts or other features that will make it difficult to cast, clean, and paint. The caster may disqualify a design if he/she feels it will be too difficult to reproduce in large numbers. Monochromatic (one-color) pieces with the artist's signature on the underside are preferred. Previously submitted pieces are welcome provided the design has not been used or sold for any other purpose. You may submit more than one design. Along with your submission, please include sufficient funds and packaging for return of your piece should it not be selected (we recommend $8.00 per design, this can be provided via check made out to NAMHSA).

NAMHSA is not responsible for submissions lost or damaged in the mail. The winner must agree to confer the copyright for the design to NAMHSA.

What the winner will receive:

In addition to the honor of being the NAN trophy sculptor for 2016 and 2017, the winner will also receive two cast copies of their artwork, a check for $250, and will judge the next trophy head contest for the 2018/2019 NANs.

ALL submissions will be photographed and featured on the NAMHSA web site.

***The deadline to submit your artwork is December 15th, 2015***

*** In order for Sheila to judge the medallions without knowing their creators, please mail all entries to:

Janna Shepherd

9508 Colonel Glenn Road

Little Rock, AR 72204

Please enter and make Sheila's decision difficult!

Last updated on October 11, 2015