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North American Nationals (NAN)

NAN 2015 Bid Information

Ladies and Gentlemen, get your creativity going and set your ambitions high - NAMHSA is pleased to present the NAN 2015 BID SPECIFICATIONS!


Bids must address ALL required questions and specifications. Generally, more information is a plus. Creativity is encouraged with regards to ways to draw exhibitors to this show. Companion events are encouraged but will not be run by NAMHSA. The *entire* bid package will be considered, not just the hall costs and location. Bids for NAN 2011 and NAN 2013 have been posted below and may be consulted for reference.

2011 NAN Bids

2013 NAN Bids

Good luck!


1. Ensure that the show hall is available for show dates between June 21 and August 19, 2015.

2. Friday through Sunday rental (show dates) are preferred, though weekday rental will be considered.

3. NAN staff must have access to the show hall from at least 6:30 am each day through 11 pm each evening. Access on the day prior to NAN (e.g., Thursday afternoon) and longer access/24 hour access is desirable.

4. The budget for three day show hall rental plus any necessary table and chair rental and set up must not exceed $12,000. Please specify if the tables and chairs are included in the show hall rental cost or are an additional cost. (Other related costs such as insurance, security, internet lines, PA system etc. may be extra and are not considered part of the $12,000 budget.)

5. Specify the show hall size (square footage) and layout (room shape etc.). The show hall must be a minimum of 12,000 square feet and not exceed 20,000 square feet. *Exception*: Proposals for a show hall between 10,000 and 11,999 square feet will be considered *if *accompanied by a diagram that demonstrates how at least 125 showers can be accommodated, along with all necessary administrative and show space.

5a. Show halls should be equipped with Air Conditioning.

6. A minimum of 120 six to eight foot long tables are needed and more may be needed, depending upon the number of entrants. Either the show hall must include the necessary tables, or a plan must be described to conveniently rent the tables and have them set up by 6:30 am on the first day of the show. Note that the table rental cost (if any) must be included in the $12,000 budget.

7. A minimum of 250 chairs are needed (more may be needed, depending on the number of entrants), with padded chairs preferred over plain metal chairs. Either the show hall must include the necessary chairs, or a plan must be described to conveniently rent the chairs and have them set up. Note that the chair rental cost (if any) must be included in the $12,000 budget.

8. The hall must provide or have a mechanism for a minimum of 2 working connections to the Internet. The show CANNOT run without at least two internet connections.

9. The hall must have a minimum of 4 working electrical outlets in the same area for use by the NAN Management/Registrar.

10. The hall must provide a PA system, or a plan must be described for renting or otherwise securing a PA system.

11. The hall must provide a very large white board, or a plan must be described for renting or otherwise securing a very large white board. Also acceptable is demonstrable ability to project class changes onto a wall visible from all locations in the show hall.

12. There must be easy access to and from the show hall for both staff and entrants. Keep in mind that entrants and staff will need to transport large boxes, bins, rolling carts etc., into the show hall.

12a. Describe methods of access to show hall. Direct access on same level from unloading area or loading dock is preferred, though not mandatory. If elevator access is necessary, please describe number available and their sizes. Please state if escalator or stairs are required to gain access to the hall. Please describe access for persons with disabilities, if not on the same level or by elevator.

13. Be sure to describe the show hall in detail. Is it carpeted? How is the lighting? Is it a stand-alone building or in a larger building? Are Restrooms/Vending/Water in close proximity?


1. Preference will be given to bids that include the names and contact information for TWO TO THREE individuals who have committed to serve as either NAN Chair, NAN Co-Chair, or NAN Registrar for 2015. These individuals are not required to reside in the area or region of the show hall. While preference will be given to bids that include these named volunteers, including these named volunteers is NOT a requirement to submit a bid, and all complete bids will be considered.

2. The bid must include the name and contact information of one individual who is LOCAL to the show hall who will serve as a local liaison. This service may include trips to the show hall to answer questions about parking, layout etc., contacting show hall personnel, answering general questions about the locale, etc.


Please address each of the points listed below:

1. Rental Process: Describe the rental process and agreement. For example, if a down payment is required, how much is it and when is it due? When is complete payment due? What is the cancellation policy? Who is the primary contact for the show hall rental? Other details are encouraged.

2. Extra costs: What are the extra needs and costs associated with the show hall? For examples: Is the room internet ready or is Wi-Fi needed? What are the costs of obtaining internet connections to the hall? What is the cost of the PA system and white board/projector?

3. Catering/Food Policies: Describe the options and policies related to food and meals. For example, does the show hall have its own catering? Is use of that specific catering required? What are the catering menus and approximate costs per person? What is the policy on outside food? Are entrants allowed to bring in coolers etc.? Other details are strongly encouraged.

4. Security: Describe the show hall security. Is security available with the rental or is it required? What are the costs of security if not part of the rental? Can the show hall be locked overnight?

5. Janitorial: Describe the janitorial service. Is it included as part of the rental? What is the fee to have it done if it is not included with the rental?

6. Other requirements: Does the hall have other requirements, e.g., do they require an insurance policy - and if so, for what amount? Are paramedics required on the premises?

7. Parking/Loading: Is parking (for staff and entrants) free or is there an extra charge? How far away is the parking? What are the unloading/loading options - is there a place to drive up to the show hall (then park)? Details are strongly encouraged.

8. Hotels: Is the show hall associated with a host hotel? If so, is there a minimum room rental? Will room rentals affect the show hall rental price? What is the range of room prices? Are there other hotels within walking distance? Are there other hotels within a 10 minute drive? What is the range of room prices? Details are strongly encouraged.

9. Restaurants: What restaurants are located within walking distance of the show hall? What restaurants are located within a 10 min drive of the show hall?

10. Auction/Raffle Legalities: What are the city/county/state laws and requirements regarding Auctions and Raffles? What is the relevant tax rate, and how is a temporary tax id obtained? Note - obtaining this information will require conversations with local/state government and is *required* for a complete bid.

11. Auction/Raffle Space: Does the show hall have space for a NAN auction? If there is not sufficient space, is there a nearby location for the auction? What is the square footage of the nearby location and how close to the show hall is it? Is there an additional cost for the extra space and if so, how much?

12. Regional show base: Describe the hobby populations that are within a 6 and within a 12 hour drive of the show hall. Hobby populations are "greater metro areas" with a significant number of showers - for example, Denver, CO, Dallas, TX etc. It may be useful to consult the archive of NAMHSA member shows when addressing this question. In addition, please state how many NAMHSA member shows were held in the general region of the show hall (within 2 hrs drive) in the last year, and how many showers typically attend NAMHSA member shows in the general area of the show hall.

13. Air travel: What are the nearest airport(s) to the show hall? How long is the ride/drive from the airport to the hotels and show hall and what options are available for that trip (e.g., shuttle, subway, cab, etc.)? What airlines service the nearest airport(s)? A list of major airlines that service the nearest airport is appreciated.

14. Other Activities: Companion events are encouraged but will not be run by NAMHSA. This includes vendor space at NAN. Any bids including a vendor space will need to ensure their own coordinator for vending and include details regarding space for vendors, cost of said space, legal requirements (taxes, ordinances, facility regulations, etc.) and proximity to the show hall itself.

15. Activities for Non-Showers: What are the nearby points of interest? Are there parks, museums, casinos, or other entertainment opportunities close to the show hall?

DEADLINE FOR BIDS: March 1, 2014

Submit your NAN 2015 bids to NAMHSA President Carra McClelland

Last updated on August 23, 2013