NAN 2006 Results

Click on the class name to view the results for that class. Classes with the camera icon () next to the name also have photos of some of the winners.

Day 1: OF Plastic Breed HalterCM/AR/OS Performance

Day 2: CM Breed HalterAR/OS Breed HalterOF Plastic/China PerformanceCM WorkmanshipAR/OS Workmanship

Day 3: OF Plastic CollectibilityOF China/Resin Breed HalterOF China/Resin CollectibilityCM Glaze China HalterCM Glaze China Workmanship

OF Plastic Breed Halter

Class#     Breed Halter Class Name
  1068         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Light Type
  1016         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Gaited/Spanish Type
  1020         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Sport Type
  1087         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Stock Type-Appaloosa/Paint
  1086         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Stock Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  1014         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Draft Type
  1083         OFP Breed Halter-Foals-Pony/Longear/Other Type
  1023         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Light
  1070         OFP Breed Halter-Trad-Light-Arabian-Stallions-FOOAK/FC/OOAK/CONN
  1071         OFP Breed Halter-Trad-Light-Arabian-Stallions-RR/SR
  1047         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Light Type-Arabian-Mares/Geldings
  1045         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Light Type-Morgan
  1046         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Light Type-NSH
  1048         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Light Type-Other Pure
  1050         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Light Type-Other Mix/Grade
  1024         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Gaited/Spanish
  1040         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Gaited Type-ASB
  1042         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Gaited Type-MFT
  1041         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Gaited Type-TWH
  1043         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Gaited Type-Peruvian Paso/Paso Fino
  1044         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Gaited Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  1066         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Sport type-TB/STBD
  1022         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Sport type
  1056         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-Thoroughbred
  1057         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-American Sporthorses/Warmbloods
  1097         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-Other Warmblood-FINAL
  1072         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-Other Warmblood-HEAT 1
  1034         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-Other Warmblood-HEAT 2
  1059         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-Other Sport Breed
  1058         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Sport Type-Other Mixed/Grade
  1027         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Carriage type
  1055         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Spanish Type-Andalusian/Lusitano
  1033         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Spanish Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  1026         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Stock/Other
  1091         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Breyer-Appaloosa
  1075         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Breyer-Paint
  1092         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Breyer-QH
  1093         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Breyer-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  1088         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Stone-Appaloosa
  1090         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Stone-Paint
  1089         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Stone-QH
  1074         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Stock Type-Stone-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  1025         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Carriage/Draft type
  1039         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Draft Type-American Drafts
  1037         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Draft Type-Belgian/Percheron
  1036         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Draft Type-Clyde/Shire
  1038         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Draft Type-Other Draft Pure
  1028         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Draft Type-Other Mixed/Grade
  1021         OFP Breed Halter-Other Scale-Pony/Longear type
  1095         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Pony Type-American and Other Pure Pony
  1096         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Pony Type-European Pony
  1053         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Pony Type-Other Mix/Grade
  1052         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Pony Type-Welsh Pony (all sections)
  1031         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Longear/Other Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  1051         OFP Breed Halter-Traditional-Longear/Other Type-Mustang

CM/AR/OS Performance

Class#     Harness Class Name
  20061         CM Harness
Class#     Costume/Historical Class Name
  20064         CM Arabian Costume
  20065         CM Indian Costume
  20068         CM Mounted or Led Parade (no harness)
  20070         CM Other Costume
Class#     Scenes Class Name
  20086         CM Other Scene
Class#     Other Performance Class Name
  20079         CM Other Performance
Class#     English Over Fences Class Name
  20002         CM Other English Over Fences
  20003         CM Show Jumping
Class#     English Trail Class Name
  20029         CM English (Hunt/Saddle Seat) Arena Trail- Mares
  20092         CM English (Hunt/Saddle Seat) Arena Trail- Stallion/Gelding
  20030         CM Other English Trail
Class#     Saddle Seat Performance Class Name
  20024         CM Saddleseat
Class#     Huntseat Pleasure Class Name
  20088         CM Huntseat Pleasure - Other Type
  20089         CM Huntseat Pleasure - Sport Type
Class#     Other English Performance Class Name
  20009         CM Dressage
  20020         CM Other English Performance
Class#     Western Stockwork Class Name
  20095         CM Cutting & Reined Cowhorse
  20039         CM Other Stockwork
Class#     Games Class Name
  20048         CM Barrel & Pole Racing
  20052         CM Other Non-Speed Game
  20050         CM Other Speed Game
Class#     Western Trail Class Name
  20053         CM Western Arena Trail- Other
  20093         CM Western Arena Trail- QH/Appaloosa/Paint
  20054         CM Western Natural Trail
Class#     Western Pleasure Class Name
  20032         CM Western Pleasure - Other Stock Type
  20090         CM Western Pleasure - Other Type
  20094         CM Western Pleasure - QH
Class#     Other Western Performance Class Name
  20044         CM Other Western Performance
  20042         CM Reining - INCLUDES Freestyle
  20043         CM Western Riding

CM Breed Halter

Class#     Breed Halter Class Name
  5058         CM Breed Halter-Light/Sport-Foals
  5055         CM Breed Halter-Spanish/Gaited/Other-Foals
  5052         CM Breed Halter-Carriage/Draft-Foals
  5059         CM Breed Halter-Stock-Foals
  5056         CM Breed Halter-Pony-Foals
  5060         CM Breed Halter-Light-Arab
  5061         CM Breed Halter-Light-Morgan/Morab
  5049         CM Breed Halter-Light-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  5062         CM Breed Halter-Gaited-ASB
  5063         CM Breed Halter-Gaited-Pasos
  5050         CM Breed Halter-Gaited-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  5065         CM Breed Halter-Sport-American SH/Wmbld
  5064         CM Breed Halter-Sport-TB/Stbd
  5045         CM Breed Halter-Sport-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  5046         CM Breed Halter-Spanish
  5068         CM Breed Halter-Stock-Appaloosa Breed
  5067         CM Breed Halter-Stock-Paint Breed
  5066         CM Breed Halter-Stock-QH Breed
  5044         CM Breed Halter-Stock-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  5051         CM Breed Halter-Carriage/Draft
  5072         CM Breed Halter-Pony-American Breed Ponies
  5073         CM Breed Halter-Pony-Other Pure/Mix/Grade HEAT 1
  5075         CM Breed Halter-Pony-Other Pure/Mix/Grade FINAL
  5070         CM Breed Halter-Pony-Other Pure/Mix/Grade-HEAT 2
  5071         CM Breed Halter-Longear/Other-Donkey/Saddle Mule
  5048         CM Breed Halter-Longear/Other- Pure/Mix/Grade Other

AR/OS Breed Halter

Class#     Breed Halter Class Name
  6007         AR/OS Breed Halter-Foals-Light Type
  6006         AR/OS Breed Halter-Foals-Gaited/Spanish Type
  6005         AR/OS Breed Halter-Foals-Sport Type
  6008         AR/OS Breed Halter-Foals-Appaloosa/Paint Breed
  6004         AR/OS Breed Halter-Foals-Other Stock Type
  6003         AR/OS Breed Halter-Foals-Other Types
  6057         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Arabian-Gray/Graying Color-FINAL
  6046         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Arabian-Gray/Graying Color-HEAT 1
  6028         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Arabian-Gray/Graying Color-HEAT 2
  6058         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Arabian-Other Color-FINAL
  6047         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Arabian-Other Color-HEAT 1
  6026         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Arabian-Other Color-HEAT 2
  6027         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Part Arab/Morab/NSH
  6048         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Morgan-Black/Bay
  6050         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Morgan-Other Color
  6012         AR/OS Breed Halter-Light Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  6023         AR/OS Breed Halter-Gaited Type-ASB
  6024         AR/OS Breed Halter-Gaited Type-TWH
  6011         AR/OS Breed Halter-Gaited Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  6037         AR/OS Breed Halter-Sport Type-Thoroughbred
  6038         AR/OS Breed Halter-Sport Type-Akhal-Teke/Am Sporthorse/Warmblood
  6039         AR/OS Breed Halter-Sport Type-Other Warmblood Pure/Mix/Grade
  6040         AR/OS Breed Halter-Sport Type-Other Pure Sport Breed
  6041         AR/OS Breed Halter-Sport Type-Other Mixed/Grade
  6009         AR/OS Breed Halter-Carriage Type
  6032         AR/OS Breed Halter-Spanish Type-Andalusian
  6033         AR/OS Breed Halter-Spanish Type-Lusitano
  6034         AR/OS Breed Halter-Spanish Type-Spanish/Kiger Mustang
  6059         AR/OS Breed Halter-Spanish Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade-FINAL
  6053         AR/OS Breed Halter-Spanish Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade-HEAT 1
  6036         AR/OS Breed Halter-Spanish Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade-HEAT 2
  6042         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Appaloosa
  6060         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Paint-FINAL
  6054         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Paint-HEAT1
  6043         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Paint-HEAT 2
  6055         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Quarter Horse-HEAT 1
  6061         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Quarter Horse-FINAL
  6044         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Quarter Horse-HEAT 2
  6018         AR/OS Breed Halter-Stock Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  6020         AR/OS Breed Halter-Draft Type-Belgian/Percheron
  6019         AR/OS Breed Halter-Draft Type-Clyde/Shire
  6021         AR/OS Breed Halter-Draft Type-Other Pure Breed
  6022         AR/OS Breed Halter-Draft Type-American Drafts/Other Mix/Grade
  6029         AR/OS Breed Halter-Pony Type-American Pony
  6030         AR/OS Breed Halter-Pony Type-Shetland/Welsh
  6015         AR/OS Breed Halter-Pony Type-Other Pure
  6031         AR/OS Breed Halter-Pony Type-Other Mix/Grade
  6045         AR/OS Breed Halter-Longear Type-Saddle Mules
  6056         AR/OS Breed Halter-Longear Type-Other
  6052         AR/OS Breed Halter-Other Type-Mustang HEAT 1
  6062         AR/OS Breed Halter-Other Type-Mustang-FINAL
  6051         AR/OS Breed Halter-Other Type-Mustang-HEAT 2

OF Plastic/China Performance

Class#     Harness Class Name
  10060         OF Harness
Class#     Costume/Historical Class Name
  10064         OF Arabian Costume
  10065         OF Other Costume
Class#     Scenes Class Name
  10087         OF Scene Class
Class#     Other Performance Class Name
  10082         OF Other Performance
Class#     English Over Fences Class Name
  10002         OF Hunter Over Fences
  10003         OF Other English Over Fences
Class#     English Trail Class Name
  10029         OF English (Hunt/Saddle Seat) Arena Trail
  10031         OF English Other Trail
Class#     Saddle Seat Performance Class Name
  10027         OF English Saddleseat (all types)
Class#     Huntseat Pleasure Class Name
  10089         OF Breyer Huntseat Pleasure
  10000         OF Other Make Huntseat Pleasure
Class#     Other English Performance Class Name
  10008         OF Dressage
  10022         OF Other English
Class#     Western Stockwork Class Name
  10035         OF Cutting/Penning/Reined Cowhorse
  10037         OF Other Stockwork
Class#     Games Class Name
  10052         OF Other Non-Speed Game
  10048         OF Other Speed Game
Class#     Western Trail Class Name
  10090         OF Western Arena Trail-Breyer
  10053         OF Western Arena Trail-Stone
  10054         OF Western Natural Trail
Class#     Western Pleasure Class Name
  10033         OF Western Pleasure - Other Type
  10032         OF Western Pleasure - Stock Type
Class#     Other Western Performance Class Name
  10042         OF Other Western Performance
  10043         OF Western Riding

CM Workmanship

Class#     Workmanship Halter Class Name
  524         CM Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Appaloosa
  520         CM Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Pinto/Other Pattern
  518         CM Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Solid Color
  525         CM Workmanship-Traditional-Appaloosa
  519         CM Workmanship-Traditional-Pinto/Other Pattern
  523         CM Workmanship-Traditional-Solid Color
  522         CM Workmanship-Traditional-Solid Color-Modified Colors

AR/OS Workmanship

Class#     Workmanship Halter Class Name
  635         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Appy Patterns
  651         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Other Color
  634         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Other Pinto Patterns
  636         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Classic Scale-Tobiano Pattern
  637         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Clssic Scale-Bay
  639         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Clssic Scale-Chestnut/Sorrel
  638         AR/OS Workmanship-SM/LB/Clssic Scale-Gray/Roan
  650         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional- Tobiano Pattern
  640         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Appaloosa
  652         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Bay-FINAL
  647         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Bay-HEAT 1
  646         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Bay-HEAT 2
  653         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Chestnut-FINAL
  648         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Chestnut-HEAT 1
  643         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Chestnut-HEAT 2
  642         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Gray/Graying/Roan
  654         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Other Color -FINAL
  649         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Other Color -HEAT 1
  645         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Other Color-HEAT 2
  641         AR/OS Workmanship-Traditional-Other Pinto Pattern

OF Plastic Collectibility

Class#     Collectibility Halter Class Name
  2060         OFP Breyer Collectibility- Glossy
  2069         OFP Breyer Collectibility-FOALS-Other
  2067         OFP Breyer Collectibility-FOALS-RR
  2075         OFP Breyer Collectibility-FOOAK-FINAL
  2065         OFP Breyer Collectibility-FOOAK-HEAT 1
  2055         OFP Breyer Collectibility-FOOAK-HEAT 2
  2074         OFP Breyer Collectibility-RR-FINAL
  2073         OFP Breyer Collectibility-RR-HEAT 1
  2056         OFP Breyer Collectibility-RR-HEAT 2
  2064         OFP Breyer Collectibility-SR/Conn-Realistic color-all Other types
  2072         OFP Breyer Collectibility-SR/Conn-Realistic color-Light/Spanish type
  2071         OFP Breyer Collectibility-SR/Conn-Realistic color-Sport Type
  2070         OFP Breyer Collectibility-SR/Conn-Realistic color-Stock Type
  2062         OFP Breyer Collectibility-SR/Conn-Unrealistic color
  2059         OFP Breyer Collectibility-Woodgrain/Other Decorator
  2026         OFP Hartland/Other Collectibility
  2036         OFP Stone Collectibility-Factory Custom Models
  2037         OFP Stone Collectibility-Foals
  2038         OFP Stone Collectibility-OOAK-Realistic
  2041         OFP Stone Collectibility-RR/Artisan Hall-Realistic
  2040         OFP Stone Collectibility-SR Realistic Color-Mares/Geldings
  2054         OFP Stone Collectibility-SR Realistic Color-Stallions
  2039         OFP Stone Collectibility-Unrealistic Color

OF China/Resin Breed Halter

Class#     Breed Halter Class Name
  3027         OFC Breed Halter-Foals-Light Type
  3026         OFC Breed Halter-Foals-Gaited/Sport types
  3050         OFC Breed Halter-Foals-Stock/Draft/Other type
  3028         OFC Breed Halter-Light -Arabians
  3029         OFC Breed Halter-Light -Morgans
  3012         OFC Breed Halter-Light Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  3040         OFC Breed Halter-Gaited-ASB
  3011         OFC Breed Halter-Gaited-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  3015         OFC Breed Halter-Spanish
  3033         OFC Breed Halter-Sport-TB/STBD
  3030         OFC Breed Halter-Sport-Pure/Mix/Grade
  3044         OFC Breed Halter-Carriage Type
  3036         OFC Breed Halter-Stock-Paint/Appaloosa
  3037         OFC Breed Halter-Stock-QH/Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  3047         OFC Breed Halter-Draft Type-Clyde/Shire/Gypsy Cob
  3045         OFC Breed Halter-Draft Type-Other Pure/Mix/Grade
  3034         OFC Breed Halter-Pony-American Pony/Other Mix/Grade
  3035         OFC Breed Halter-Pony-Welsh/Highland Pony
  3043         OFC Breed Halter-Pony-European/Other Pure Pony
  3048         OFC Breed Halter-Mustang
  3032         OFC Breed Halter-Longear/Other

OF China/Resin Collectibility

Class#     Collectibility Halter Class Name
  4007         OFC Collectibility-American Studio China/Resin (Limited Editions)
  4008         OFC Collectibility-European China/Resin (Limited Editions)
  4002         OFC Collectibility-Hagen Renaker
  4009         OFC Collectibility-OF China/Resin (large/open editions)

CM Glaze China Halter

Class#     Breed Halter Class Name
  7010         CM Glaze China Foals-Light/Sport/Pony
  7009         CM Glaze China Foals-Other
  7004         CM Glaze China Light/Sport Halter
  7003         CM Glaze China Spanish/ Gaited Halter
  7002         CM Glaze China Stock/Longear/Other Halter
  7005         CM Glaze China SM Carriage/Draft Halter
  7001         CM Glaze China Trad/Classic/LB Scale Carriage/Draft Halter
  7007         CM Glaze China Pony Halter-Mares
  7000         CM Glaze China Pony Halter-Stallions/Geldings

CM Glaze China Workmanship

Class#     Workmanship Halter Class Name
  702         CM Glaze China Workmanship-colored
  705         CM Glaze China Workmanship-solid