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NAN-Qualifying Show Application

We have the NAN-Qualifying Show Application available in a Word Doc that can be edited and emailed as an attachment, or you can print the PDF format and mail it to the address below.

PLEASE NOTE that it is crucial that you submit your application with your classlist, show packet, fees and an accurate class count to the NAMHSA secretary. There have been a rash of applications lately where the showholder has made a mistake in the class count, forgotten to state that the classes will be split in some manner and failed to reflect this split in the class count, or simply didn't send in a class count altogether. You will need an ACCURATE class count to get the right number of NAN tickets!

How to Calculate Show Membership Fees

(# of Classes) X (# of Judges) X (2 Cards per Class) = Cards Needed.
Note: FEE STRUCTURE effective as of March 1, 2006.

Calculation Table
Cards neededCost
up to 250$30
751 - 1000$70
Greater than 1000 cards would be $70 plus $7 per each additional 100 cards or fraction thereof as shown below. Fees for up to 2000 cards are shown below for your convenience.
1001 - 1100$77
1101 - 1200$84
1201 - 1300$91
1301 - 1400$98
1401 - 1500$105
1501 - 1600$112
1601 - 1700$119
1701 - 1800$126
1801 - 1900$133
1901 - 2000$140

How to Send Your Application

Print and Mail your application to:
Lindsay Diamond
NAMHSA Show Secretary
2001 N Rankin St
Appleton, WI 549111


Email your application:
You may also e-mail your application (copy/paste the required information from the form or send as an attachment) to the NAMHSA Show Secretary. In your e-mail, you must include:
1) the completed application form,
2) your draft show packet, and
3) your advertising plan, as outlined above.
You must then mail your check or money order made payable to NAMHSA for your membership fee payment to the Show Secretary, or paypal to Your NAN-Qualifying Show Application will NOT be complete until the fee payment has been received.

Please be reminded that you must submit BOTH your application for your show AND show membership fees to NAMHSA at least 60 days in advance of your show date.

Last updated on July 1, 2015