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NAN-Qualifying Show Requirements

Core Classlist Requirement

The core classlist has been eliminated as a requirement. However, it is still recommended as a minimum classlist in breed halter.

Draft Show Packet

A draft version of a show's entire show packet must be submitted as a part of the application process. This draft show packet must include:
  1. Show date;
  2. Show location;
  3. Complete final list of classes (no draft classlists will be accepted);
  4. Rules, regulations, and limits for showing; and
  5. Name, address and phone number of person responsible for show (i.e., show secretary)
  6. An advertising plan listing any venues the show will be advertised in.
Qualification Information

Show must inform entrants that first- and second-place equids or approved fantasy animals (see page 4 of our Policies Document for details) in its OPEN classes qualify for NAN. An open class is defined as competition where the entrant is not limited by skill level, age, or years of competition. Any classes that limit entrants by these criteria cannot be counted as NAN qualifier classes.


The show must advertise the show publicly, in print or over the Internet, in advance of the show date. Please submit a list of your intended advertising venues with your application. Ads in newsletters and postings on Facebook groups, Twitter, or model horse related Yahoogroups are acceptable forms of advertising.

Open Entry

Show must not be "by invitation"; all persons must be allowed to enter. Show may limit entry by number of entrants but in that case must accept entries on a first-come, first-serve or other impartial basis.

Essential Fairness Requirements

No showholder or relative of showholder may enter a NAN-Qualifying division at a show held by the same showholder. A showholder is defined as the individual or entity that ensures NAMHSA rules and policies are followed and recruits, selects and assigns judges (or has an agent who recruits, selects and assigns judges) to the show's divisions. The showholder (or agent for the showholder) must be present at the show. In the case of an absentee showholder, the agent will be considered the showholder. A "relative" is any person related to showholder as grandparent, parent, step-parent, aunts or uncles (by blood or marriage), spouse, significant other, son, daughter, step-son, step-daughter, sibling, in-law, niece, nephew, first cousin, or any person residing with showholder or other relatives of showholder. Any non-relative, non-cohabiting individual who co-owns models with a showholder may enter a NAN-Qualifying show hosted by that showholder. The individual will be allowed to show only models not co-owned with the showholder.

A person may not show and judge in the same division at a NAN-Qualifying Show. A division is defined as one or more grouped classes such as "OF Breyer Plastic", "Custom Glazed", or "OF Performance". A judge may not judge any model that he/she has worked/collaborated on. A judge may not judge any model which he/she owns or has owned within the last six months. A judge may not judge models owned by relatives of the judge, as defined in paragraph above. A judge may not judge any models owned by any individual who co-owns one or more models with that judge.

NAN Tickets aka NAN Cards

The show must agree to distribute NAN qualification ticket that will be sent to each showholder. There will be 2 tickets sent per NAN qualifiying class at the show; one for the first place winner and one for the second place winner. Showholders must agree to put down the tickets along with the ribbons in each class.

Additional information:
Showholders: How to distribute tickets
Show Entrants: What to do with your tickets


Show must send results of the show, including a listing of the entrants' names to the Show Results Processor at "Results" can be full results or just first/second places in qualifying classes. Results must be in a searchable, single file format. Results may be submitted by by email within 30 days of show date.

More information on how to prepare your show's results, and how to send them to the Show Results Processor, can be found here at our How to Send Show Results page.

Notification of Changes

If the show date, location, classlist or any other substantial change is made, the showholder must inform the Secretary.

You MUST inform the Secretary of ANY classlist changes that result in MORE classes being added, so that more tickets can be sent in time for your show. There will now be a fee of $10 imposed if a show changes its classlist within 60 days of the show date. Changes do not include class splits, but would include addition of a new division or completely new classes. No fee will be assessed if changes are made 60 days or more from the show date. This new policy is intended to decrease the number of "rush" changes requested of the Member Show Secretary.

Due Date for Application

The show must apply for membership and pay the fee not later than 60 days prior to the show. The show may not be advertised as a NAN-Qualifying Show until dues have been paid.

This gives NAMHSA time to process your application, approve your classlist or inform you of parts that do not conform to NAMHSA requirements, and mail your tickets. This also gives you time to advertise your show once membership is given.

Publication of Information

The showholder's email address and show date will be included in member show listings NAMHSA maintains for the public including our website, unless the showholder requests that such information not be published.

Loss of Membership

a) Voluntary Resignation: A member may resign from membership of NAMHSA by sending written notice to the President. A refund of 60% of funds paid will be issued if the resignation is received by NAMHSA 60 days prior to the show date.

b) Involuntary Loss of Membership: A membership may be suspended or revoked by NAMHSA for violation of membership requirements set forth here and in the NAMHSA bylaws. Such revocation will not relieve said member from the obligation to pay any outstanding dues.

Membership Application Procedure

Please note that a COMPLETE application MUST include:
  1. Completed member show application;
  2. Membership fee made payable to NAMHSA;
  3. Draft show packet; and
  4. Advertising plan.
If you are interested in having your show approved, send your completed application, including all of the above-listed items, to:

Lindsay Diamond
NAMHSA Show Secretary
2001 N Rankin St
Appleton, WI 549111

Showholders may send their application information via email to Show Secretary as long as ALL required information on the application form is provided. You may forward your paypal receipt as proof of payment.

Last updated on July 1, 2015