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NAMHSA Upcoming NAN-Qualifying Shows by Date

This is a list of the 2016-2017 NAN-Qualifying Shows. All shows prior to this have been moved to the NAN-Qualifying Shows archive.

Show results are due within 30 days from the date of the show. Click for a listing of show results due soon.

NAMHSA maintains a list of shows whose NAN cards are not valid for entry to NAN or for Merit Awards. Please see our page of Invalid NAN cards.

Do you have a correction or addition for your listing? Has your show been approved but not yet been listed? If so, please e-mail the Show Secretary.

NAN-Qualifying Shows from the 2016-2017 Season

May 2016

May 7, 2016: Pocono Ponies Live in Palmerton, PA. Contact: LeeAnn Bachman Results

May 7-8, 2016: MITS (Models In The Sunshine) in Inverness, FL. Contact: Jackie Moore and Cindy Dilks Results

May 7, 2016: Stone Country Horse Fair in Shipshewana, IN. Contact: Dawn Henderson. Results

May 7, 2016: Vintage Custom Model Equine Congress in Battle Creek, MI. Contact: Ardith Carlton. Results

May 14, 2016:3rd Annual Card Shark Live: The NAN-eater's Revenge in Touchet, WA. Contact: Bethany Shaw. Results

May 14, 2016: M.O.M. Live Mini Edition. in Black River Falls, WI. Contact: Deb Johnson.Results

May 14, 2016: Pioneer Classic in Provo, UT. Contact: Tara Oliver. Results

May 14-15, 2016: Jewel Heist Live 10th Anniversary Bash! in Mesa, AZ. Contact: Lauren Hoeffer. Results

May 15, 2016: Trojan Horse Expo – OFFO in Jackson, NJ. Contact: Dara West. Results

May 21, 2016: Columbia Valley Moose Open OF Show in Bloomsburg, PA. Contact: Ellen Rubenstein. Results

May 21, 2016: The (7th Annual) First Show of the New Season in Anaheim, CA. Contact: Sharon Massouris. Results

May 21, 2016: Heart of Carolina Live in Cary, NC. Contact: April Pack. Results

May 28, 2016: North Star Live in Big Lake, MN. Contact: Janice Pletsch. Results

May 28, 2016: Indian Nations Live in Dewey, OK. Contact: Cassie Hayes. Results

May 28, 2016: The Clinky Show in Golden, CO. Contact: Heather Roell. Results

May 28, 2016: Lilac City Live in Brockport, NY. Contact: Dianne Thomas. Results

May 28, 2016: Springamathing in Golden, CO. Contact: Heather Roell. Results

June 2016

June 4, 2016: Big Orange Bash in Knoxville, TN. Contact: Carol Tuft Results

June 4, 2016: Factory Ponies Live (FPL) in Spencer, MA. Contact: Marci Driscoll Results

June 5, 2016: China Buffet in Spencer, MA. Contact: Terry Heath Results

June 5, 2016: NEMHC 26th Annual Summer Live in Spencer, MA. Contact: Nancy Timm & Jenn Al-Beik Results

June 11, 2016: It's Summer in Seattle Live in Seatac, WA. Contact: Amy McCudden.Results

June 11 and 12, 2016: Gold Country Model Horse Show in Davis, CA. Contact: Robin Kent.Results

June 18, 2016: The I-Can't-Believe-It's-The EIGHTEENTH (Is That Even Possible?) Absolutely Positively Gonna Happen Every Year (Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise) (Which Latter Event Actually Might Come to Pass if April Showers Don't Give Way to May Flowers In the Very Near Future) (But The Show Hall Is A Long Way From The Creek) Annual North Texas Equine Miniaturists Association Bring-Your-Own Many Rosettes and Almost Certainly Some Trophies (The Box Is Still On My Porch) No Tag/No 3x5 Card, No Database (Yet), North American Nationals Tune-Up, Pre-BreyerFest Strategy Soiree, Swap Meet, Schmooze-Fest,All-Performance Qualifying Show with Pink Performance NAN Cards (But Only Two Per Class), Pot Luck Lunch, All-Day Grazing, Still No NAN Tag Preparation Required, Regretfully Without Linda Roberts, Who is Greatly Missed (But a Pale Substitute, Fosters, Is Not Far away), Discussion Regarding God, The Universe, and Other Things (But Avoiding Politics),General Chaos, and No Longer on the Parking Lot Weiner Roast XVIII In A Building with Working Air-Conditioning, a Full Kitchen, and Lots of Parking With Somewhat Desperate Growth Spurts to the Expanding Title (Some Years It's Harder Than Others) in Sanger, TX. Contact: Sue Stewart. Results

June 18, 2016: The Hollow Horse Show for All Sizes in Cummings, GA. Contact: Valerie Rice. Results

June 18, 2016: MSS: Spring Into Summer Show! in Hastings, MI. Contact: Alicia Strayer-Mangan. Results

June 18, 2016: Models in the Mountains 2016 Tiburcio Vasquez Challenge Chilao in La Canada, CA. Contact: Corina Roberts.Results

June 25, 2016: Hunterdon Model Horse Fest in Flemington, NJ. Contact: Lillian Shupe. Results

July 2016

July 21. 2016: Breakables Live at Breyerfest Carnival in Lexington, KY. Contact: Maggie Barkovitz. Results

July 22, 2016: Breyerfest Open Show in Lexington, KY. Contact: Michelle Masters. Results

July 23, 2016: Stone Age Live Model Horse Show in Lexington, KY. Contact: Thomas Dean. Results

July 30, 2016: Paris and Poodles Model Horse Show in Salem, OR. Contact: Shelly Langley. Results

August 2016

August 6, 2016: Midwest Model Mania in Galesburg, IL. Contact: Marilou Mol. Results

August 6, 2016: Red Devil Live OF Plastic Breyer in Golden, CO. Contact: Teresa Fedak. Results

August 13, 2016: South-Central PA Classic in Martinsburg, PA. Contact: Ashley Marconi. Results

August 13 - 14, 2016: Sweet Onion Live in Waitsburg, WA. Contact: Shana Bobbitt. Results

August 20, 2016: Capital City Crunch in Edmonton, Alberta. Contact: Sandra Gibson. Results

August 20, 2016: Palmetto State Live Show in Irmo, SC. Contact: Lisa Garcia. Results

August 20, 2016: Red Devil Live China and OF Stone in Golden, CO. Contact: Teresa Fedak.Results

August 20, 2016: South Jersey Classic in Sewell, NJ. Contact: Lisa Smalley. Results

CANCELLEDAugust 20, 2016: Tiny Horse Tea Party in Bowmanville, Ontario. Contact: Kaitlin Lewington.

August 27, 2016: GLC No-Frills Series in Huntly, IL. Contact: Liz Cory. Results

POSTPONEDAugust 27, 2016: The Hollow Horse Summer Double Live Show in Cumming, GA. Contact: Valerie Rice.

August 27-28, 2016: Baystate Models Live in Boxborough, MA. Contact: Maria Firstenberg. Results

Spetember 2016

September 5, 2016: Labor Day Live in Magnolia, TX. Contact: Elena Lemm.Results

September 10, 2016: Meows and Minis in Itasca, IL. Contact: Chris Wallbruch. Results

September 10, 2016: Rose City Live in Portland, OR. Contact: Vicky Harms. Results

September 17, 2016: Berks County 4-H Horse Council Model Horse Show in Leesport, PA. Contact: Leanna Long. Results

September 17, 2016: Heart of Carolina Mini and Decorator Show in Cary, NC. Contact: April Pack. Results

September 17, 2016: It's a LoveFest! in Gap, PA. Contact: Betsy Andrews.Results

September 17, 2016: The Jennifer Show in Aurora, CO. Contact: Jennifer Scott and Jennifer Buxton. Results

September 17, 2016: Mid Kansas Live Show in Rose Hill, KS. Contact: Gay Mahlandt.

September 17, 2016: Small But Mighty Live in Gap, PA. Contact: Barbara DiAnnibella. Results

September 24, 2016: All the Pretty Ponies Fun Show in Newberry, FL. Contact: Donna Arteaga. Results

September 24, 2016: Black Hills Model Horse Show in Rapid City, SD. Contact: Debbie Vick. Results

September 24, 2016: Butterflies and Bell Boots Performance Edition in Columbia, MD. Contact: Angela Youkers. Results

September 24, 2016: Long Island Model Horse Expo All Performance Party in Bayport, NY. Contact: Laura Rock-Smith.

September 24, 2016: Mid MO Model Maniacs in Jefferson City, MO. Contact: Becky Henson. Results

September 24, 2016: OSC: High Noon Performance Show in Tucson, AZ Contact: Deb Ash. Results

October 2016

October 1, 2016: The 29th Annual Southern Model Horse Convention in Covington, GA. Contact:Katie Patrick Results

October 1, 2016: Atomic City Live in Pasco, WA. Contact:Stacy Quick Results

October 1, 2016: KILE Model Horse Show in Harrisburg, PA. Contact:Katie Patrick Results

October 1, 2016: Pocono Ponies Live at CCA in Andreas, PA Contact:LeeAnn Bachman Results

October 1, 2016: Spirit Horse Live 2016 in Council Bluffs, IA. Contact: Molly Pengra Results

October 1-2, 2016: The Backwoods Two Day Show in Divide, CO. Contact:Amber Shultz Results

October 8, 2016: All Fired Up in Lindenwold, NJ. Contact:Lisa Smalley Results

October 8, 2016: Autumn Leaf MHS in Georgetown, IN. Contact:Laura Lott Results

October 8, 2016: One Woman Show Series (OFP Breyer/Other & Stone) in Phoenix, AZ. Contact:Teresa Candelaria Results

October 7-8, 2016: Sleepy Hollow Live in Norco, CA. Contact:Suzanne Francis Results

October 15, 2016: All-American Quarter Horse Model Horse Show in Columbus, OH. Contact:Kim Bjorgo-Thorne Results

October 15, 2016: The Little Horse Show in Shipshewana, IN. Contact:Dawn Henderson Results

October 15, 2016: One Woman Show Series (Artist Resin & Custom) in Phoenix, AZ. Contact:Teresa Candelaria Results

POSTPONEDOctober 16, 2016: Intermediare, Live! in Harrisburg, PA. Contact:Didi Hornberger

POSTPONEDOctober 16, 2016: INTERSPORT, LIVE! in Harrisburg, PA. Contact:Didi Hornberger

October 15-16, 2016: Model Horse Expo in Wichita Falls, TX. Contact:Jessica Geer Results

October 22, 2016: Camino Real Model Horse Show - Los Lunas in Los Lunas, NM. Contact: Katy Lente. Results

October 22, 2016: GLC No-Frills Series in Huntly, IL. Contact: Jamie ROtt. Results

October 22, 2016: The Halloween Show III in Saline, MI. Contact:Anni Koziol

October 22, 2016: Haunted Horse Live in Bassano, Alberta. Contact:Lynn Royea Results

October 22, 2016: New England Performance Challenge in Spencer, MA. Contact:Nancy Timm Results

October 22, 2016: Zion Zen Model Horse Show in Washington, UT. Contact: Alison Ural-Cawley. Results

October 23, 2016: Toronto's Autumn Live 2016 in Toronto, Ontario. Contact:Neena Bickram Results

October 22-23, 2016: Northwest Congress in Kent, WA. Contact:Elizabeth Wehnert Results

October 29, 2016: Sinawa Model Horse Show in Valders, WI. Contact:Greg Stebnitz Results

October 29, 2016: Spooky Live in St. Helens, OR. Contact:Melissa Clegg Results

October 29, 2016: Haunted Horses in Orlando, FL. Contact:Gabrielle Scolaro Results

October 29, 2016: Little Fright Mini Show and Social Event in Randolph, AL. Contact:Amanda Smith Results

October 30, 2016: Anchors Aweigh Live! #8 in Sudlersville, MD. Contact:Betsy Andrews Results

November 2016

November 5, 2016: Mid Ark Model Horse Expo in Greenbrier, AR. Contact:Tracy Rogalla Results

November 5, 2016: Ride For Pride in Leesport, PA. Contact:Wendy Twaddell Results

November 5, 2016: SE Ohio Model Horse Show in Cambridge, OH. Contact:Mandy Yontz Results

November 12, 2016: Home Show Hoote-NAN-ny 2016: The Owl-Wakening in Milton-Freewater, OR. Contact: Bethany Shaw. Results

November 12, 2016: Palmetto State Live Show in Irmo, SC. Contact: Lisa Garcia. Results

November 12, 2016: NEW DATE Southwest PA Classic “Springtime for Horses” All Mini Show in Richeyville, PA. Contact: Bonnie Valentine and Leslie Rothhaar

November 12, 2016: 5th Annual Jackson County 4-H and Open Model Horse Show in Black River Falls, WI. Contact:Deb Johnson Results

November 12-13, 2016: Golden West - The Region 2 Champ Show in San Martin, CA. Contact:Kathy Williams Results

November 12-13, 2016: Silver Spur Live on the Bayou in Lake Charles, LA Contact: Charlotte Martin Results

November 19, 2016: Calliope Mini Live in Kent, WA. Contact: Amy Peck.

NEW DATE November 19, 2016: Camino Real Model Horse Show - Amarillo in Amarillo, Tx. Contact: Katy Lente.

November 19, 2016: Crystal Creek Riders Double Judged Halter & Collector Show in Randolph, WI. Contact: Kathy Gunderson. Results

November 19, 2016: Rochester Fall Halter Classic in Brockport, NY. Contact: Dianne Lievense Thomas. Results

November 20, 2016: Circle C Classic in Sophia, NC. Contact: Beth Patterson. Results

November 20, 2016: Rockin' Model Horse Extravaganza in Slippery Rock, PA Contact: Rebecca Sheriff.

December 2016

December 3, 2016: GLC No-Frills Series in Huntley, IL. Contact: Jamie Rott. Results

December 3, 2016: Holly Jolly Live in Port Orange, FL. Contact: Brittany Callahan and Amanda Brock.

December 3, 2016: Showplace Spectacular Model Horse Show in Novi, MI. Contact: Donnalee Pontius.

December 3-4, 2016: Camellia City Live in McComb, MS. Contact: Rhonda Chisholm.

December 10, 2016: WACCO (Workmanship and Collectibility Classes Only) in San Martin, CA. Contact: Jane Morehouse. Results

December 11, 2016: ISU Equestrian Club Model Horse Show in Ames, IA. Contact: Sarah Seymour.

December 11, 2016: Winter Festivus in San Martin, CA. Contact: Kristin Arendt. Results

January 2017

January 14, 2017: A Mini Halter Benefit! in Gap, PA. Contact: Barbara DiAnnibella.

January 14, 2017: A Mini Performance Show to Benefit MAR! in Gap, PA. Contact: Betsy Andrews.

January 14, 2017: Ring in the New Year in Kent, WA. Contact: Cece Osborn. Results

January 21, 2017: Bristol Blazers 4-H Club Open and Youth Model Horse Show in Arlington, WI. Contact: Carmen Fritz.

January 22, 2017: Redline 2017 Series Resin (≥Classic) Halter Live Show in Boulder, CO Contact: Heather Roell.

January 28, 2017: Milwaukee County Horse/Horseless Club Model Show. Contact: Charlene Ehlert.

January 28, 2017: Ponies for Paws Live in Columbus, GA. Contact: Lauren Morris.

January 29, 2017: Redline 2017 Series Resin (≤LB) Halter Live Show in Boulder, CO Contact: Heather Roell.

February 2017

February 4, 2017: Mini Blues in Walla Walla, WA Contact: Debara Whitmore .

February 11, 2017: Sleigh Rally Model Show in Columbus, WI Contact: Karen Meekma

February 18, 2017: Emerald Downs Live Model Horse Show in Auburn, WA Contact: Debbie Connell.

February 18, 2017: 12th Annual Sea to Bay Model Horse Club Show in Pocomoke City, MD Contact: Jeanette Eby.

February 19, 2017: Redline 2017 Series Clinky Halter Live Show in Boulder, CO Contact: Heather Roell.

February 25, 2017: All the Pretty Ponies Model Show in Newberry, FL Contact: Donna Arteaga.

February 25, 2017: More Fun Live / A Little Bit Warmer in Prides Crossing, MA Contact: Kate Cabot.

February 25, 2017: St Nazianz Double Judge Model Horse Show in St Nazianz, WI Contact: Greg Stebnitz.

February 25-26 2017: Cajun Country Live in Vinton, LA. Contact: Jennifer Moore.

March 2017

March 4, 2017: 8th Annual New Year's Bash Live: The Defrosted Edition in Ashland, OH. Contact: Chesna Wertz.

March 4, 2017: CCR Double Judged Spring Model Horse Show in Randolph, WI Contact: Kathy Gunderson.

March 4, 2017: Red Rock Plastic Ponies in Hurricane, UT Contact: Shelley Hogle.

March 11, 2017: Berks Saddle-ites 8th Annual Model Horse Show in Leesport, PA Contact: Leanna Long.

March 11, 2017: GLC No-Frills Series in Huntley, IL Contact: Jamie Rott.

March 11, 2017: Mid MO Model Maniacs Spring Show in Jefferson City, MO Contact: Tracy Wells.

March 11-12, 2017: Southern New England Winter Round Up in Spencer, MA Contact: Brenda Bednar.

March 18, 2017: Show For The Cure in Carol Stream, IL. Contact: Jenna Murphy.

March 18, 2017: Clear Skies and Little Guys in Colorado Springs, CO. Contact: Vicky Kitzman.

March 18-19, 2017: Mid-Atlantic Regional Horse Show in Sudlersville, MD Contact: Betsy Andrews.

March 25-26, 2017: Long Island Model Horse Expo All Halter and Mini Show in Bayport, NY Contact: Laura J Rock-Smith.

March 24, 2017: BreyerWest in Albany, OR Contact: Erin Corbett

April 2017

April 1, 2017: Palmetto State Live Show in Irmo, SC Contact: Lisa Garcia.

April 1, 2017: Rockin' Model Horse Extravaganza in Slippery Rock, PA Contact: Rebecca Sheriff.

April 8, 2017: GLC No-Frills Series - All Mini Speciality Show in Huntley, IL Contact: Liz Cory.

April 8, 2017: Lemmonade Live in Montgomery, TX Contact: Elena Lemm.

April 7-8, 2017: Southern Alabama Peanuts and Ponies Live Show in Ashford, AL Contact: Michelle Alewine.

April 15, 2017: NW Expo in Corvallis, OR Contact: Traci Durrell-Khalife.

April 15, 2017: The Micro Micro Show in Lincoln, NE Contact: Carra McClelland.

April 22, 2017: Berks County 4-H Horse Council Model Horse Show in Leesport, PA Contact: Leanna Long.

April 22, 2017: Off To The Races Live in Columbus, MN Contact: Mindy Young.

April 22-23, 2017: So Cal Live in Norco, CA Contact: Julie Dewyer.

April 23, 2017: The Willow Tree Live in Grand Junction, CO Contact: Garret Dupper.

April 29, 2017: Butterflies and Bell Boots Halter Edition in Glen Burnie, MD Contact: Angela Youkers.

April 29, 2017: Dream Acres Live in Parkersburg, IA Contact: Letrisha Wise.

April 29, 2017: Loch Lomond Live in Lomond, Alberta Contact: Dianne Vermeran.

April 29, 2017: Quabbin Valley Performance Open in Spencer, MA Contact: Joan Fauteux.

April 29, 2017: Toronto Live in Ballentrae, Ontario Contact: Lisa Sharpe.

April 29-30, 2017: Tournament of Champions in Glen Rose, TX Contact: Kim Wandrey.

April 30, 2017: Tucson Model Horse Show in Tucson, AZ Contact: Marilyn Jensen.

Last updated on February 20, 2017