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NAMHSA Upcoming NAN-Qualifying Shows by Name

This is a list of the 2018-2019 NAN-Qualifying Shows. All shows prior to this have been moved to the NAN-Qualifying Shows archive.

Show results are due within 30 days from the date of the show. Click for a listing of show results due soon.

NAMHSA maintains a list of shows whose NAN cards are not valid for entry to NAN or for Merit Awards. Please see our page of Invalid NAN cards.

Do you have a correction or addition for your listing? Has your show been approved but not yet been listed? If so, please e-mail the Show Secretary.

NAN-Qualifying Shows from the 2018-2019 Season


October 6, 2018: AAQHC in Columbus, OH Contact: Kim Bjorgo-Thorne

February 2, 2019: All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show in Newberry, FL Contact: Donna Arteaga.

November 10, 2018: All Yellow Live in Lebanon, OR Contact: Wendy Ward

October 27, 2018: Anchors Aweigh! X10 in Sudlersville, MD Contact: Betsy Andrews Results

May 19, 2018: 9th Annual First Show of the New Season in Anaheim, CA Contact: Sharon Massouris Results

November 10, 2018: 25th Annual Fond du Lac County 4-H & Open Model Horse Show in Fond du Lac, WI Contact: Betty Mertes

October 6, 2018: The 31st Annual Southern Model Horse Convention in Covington, GA Contact: Laura Behning Results

October 6, 2018: Atomic City Live in Pasco, WA Contact: Stacy Quick Results

November 3, 2018: Autumn Leaf Model Horse Show in Georgetown, IN Contact: Tiffany Lamon


October 6-7, 2018: The Backwoods Two Day Show in Divide, CO Contact: Amber Shultz Results

September 22-23, 2018: Ball In The Fall in Glen Rose, TX Contact: Kim Wandrey, Shannon Southard and Brad Johnson Results

May 19, 2018: Beech Brook Benefit Model Equine Show in Exeter, RI Contact: Meredith Westner

October 13, 2018: Berks County 4-H Horse Council Model Horse Show in Leesport, PA Contact: Leanna Long

June 2, 2018: Big Orange Bash in Knoxville, TN Contact: Carol Tuft Results

December 9, 2018: Blue Christmas Live in Glendale, AZ Contact: Renee DeVore.

July 12, 2018: Breakables Live at BreyerFest Off to the Races in Lexington, KY Contact: Diana Dubbeld Results

June 2, 2018: Bridge City Mini Model Mania (BC3M) in Portland, OR Contact: Tia Ossenkop Results


February 23-24, 2019: Cajun Country Live in Vinton, LA Contact: Jennifer Moore.

June 1-2, 2018: California Dreamin' in Corco, CA Contact: Suzanne Francis Results

May 26 - 27, 2018: Card Shark Live 2018: Showing Frenzy in Walla Walla, WA Contact: Bethany Shaw Results

November 17, 2018: Circle C Champions Challenge in Sophia, NC Contact: Beth Patterson

December 1, 2018: Clash of Colors & Battle of Breeds Model Horse Show in Denver, CO Contact: Renae Grinlaubs.

November 17, 2018: Crystal Creek Riders Double Judged Halter and Collector Show in Randolph, WI Contact: Lori Helmer


June 23-24, 2018: Dam Town Live in Bassano, Alberta Contact: Bobbie Mosimann Results


June 9, 2018: Factory Ponies Live (FPL) in Spencer, MA Contact: Marci Driscoll

May 12, 2018: Finger Lakes Spring Fling in Hammondsport, NY Contact: Jini Groen

NEW DATE August 11, 2018: The Foalio Showlio in Lincoln, NE Contact: Carra McClelland Results

November 10, 2018: Freedom Acres Live in Waverly, NE Contact: Skye Melbye Results


May 12, 2018: GLC No-Frills All Mini Show in Huntley, IL Contact: Lisa Esping Results

August 25, 2018: GLC No-Frills Series in Huntley, IL Contact: Jamie Rott Results

October 20, 2018: GLC No-Frills Series in Huntley, IL Contact: Liz Cory Results

December 1, 2018: GLC No-Frills in Huntley, IL Contact: Jamie Rott.

October 13, 2018: Go For The Gold Live in Louisville, KY Contact: Cameryn Oswald Results

October 6-7, 2018: 2018 Golden West Championship Show in San Martin, CA Contact: Jane Morehouse Results


October 13, 2018: The Halloween Show IV in Hastings, MI Contact: Karen Zorn Results

October 13, 2018: Haunted Horse Live in Bassano, Alberta, Canada Contact: Lynn Royea Results

May 19, 2018: Heart of Carolina Live in Cary, NC Contact: April Pack Results

November 3, 2018: HomeShow Hoote-NAN-ny 2018: Fowl Play in Walla Walla, WA Contact: Bethany Shaw Results


May 19, 2018: Indian Nations Live in Dewey, OK Contact: Cassie Hayes Results

June 23, 2018: It's Summer in Seattle Live in Seattle, WA Contact: Amy McCudden Results


May 12, 2018: Jolts Jubilee in Kamiah, ID Contact: Tom and Jen Olp Results

June 9-10, 2018: June Bug Live in Divide, CO Contact: Amber Shultz Results


September 1, 2018: Labor Day Live in Pinehurst, TX Contact: Elena Lemm Results

September 29, 2018: The Little Horse Show in Shipshewana, IN Contact: Dawn Henderson Results

September 23, 2018: LIMHE - All Performance Party - Everything is Awesome Edition in Bayport, Long Island, NY Contact: Laura Rock-Smith


September 1, 2018: Meows and Minis in Itasca, IL Contact: Elizabeth LaRose Results

November 3, 2018: Mid Ark Model Horse Expo in Conway, AR Contact: Tracy Rogalla

September 15, 2018: Mid Kansas Live Show in Rose Hill, KS Contact: Gay Mahlandt Results

December 8, 2018: Mid-Valley Classic in Albany, OR Contact: Cheryl Wood.

August 18, 2018: Midwest Model Mania in Galesburg, IL Contact: Marilou Mol Results

June 16, 2018: Models in the Mountains 2018 Tiburcia Vazquez Challenge Chilao in La Canada, CA Contact: Corina Roberts Results

May 19, 2018: M.O.M. Live in Black River Falls, WI Contact: Deb Johnson Results


June 10, 2018: NEMHC 28th Annual Summer Live in Spencer, MA Contact: Nancy Timm

June 10, 2018: New England Performance Challenge in Spencer, MA Contact: Nancy Timm

June 9, 2018: North Idaho Live Mini Model Horse Show in Coeur d'Alene, ID Contact: Shannon Granger Results

September 22, 2018: North Idaho Live Model Horse Show in Coeur d'Alene, ID Contact: Shannon Granger Results

October 13, 2018: North Star Live in Big Lake, MN Contact: Jan Pletsch Results


April 27-28, 2019: Ocean Side Live in Vero Beach, FL Contact: Lynda Gillette.


August 18, 2018: Palmetto State Live Show in Irmo, SC Contact: Lisa Garcia Results

October 20, 2018: Palmetto State Live Show in Irmo, SC Contact: Lisa Garcia Results

October 27, 2018: Palooza Model Horse Show Halloween Edition in Negaunee, MI Contact: Tess Jezek Results

July 28, 2018: Paris & Poodles All Mini Show in Salem, OR Contact: Shelly Langley Results


August 11, 2018: PEP! Fundraiser in Leesburg, VA Contact: Beth Kusnetz

May 5, 2018: Pocono Ponies Live in Palmerton, PA Contact: LeeAnn Bachman Results

March 23, 2019: Proud as a Peacock Model Horse Show in Hattiesburg, MS Contact: Leitha Carpenter McCullough.

October 6, 2018: Pumpkin and Ponies Model Horse Show in Syracuse, NY Contact: KC Jervis


September 8, 2018: Raise the Roof Live! in Becker, MN Contact: Tanya Lewis Results

July 12, 2018: The Resin Futurity in Lexington, KY Contact: Stacy Quick Results

January 26, 2019: Ride for Pride 4-H model Horse Show in Leesport, PA Contact: Wendy Twaddell

January 12, 2019: Ring in the New Year in Kent, WA Contact: Cece Osborn.

November 3, 2018: Rogue River Studios Double Judged Halter and Collector Show in Negaunee, MI Contact: Meghan Namaste Results

September 8, 2018: Rose City Live in Portland, OR Contact: Vicky Harms Results


February 16, 2019: Sea to Bay Model Horse Club Show in Pocomoke City, MD Contact: Ingrid Parker.

September 29, 2018: Select Charity Model Horse Show in Janesville, IA Contact: Judi Nelson Results

August 11, 2018: Silver Spur Live Petite in Vinton, LA Contact: Renee Jordan Results

October 6-7, 2018: Silver Spur Live on the Bayou in Sulphur, LA Contact: Charlotte Martin Results

August 4, 2018: Smoky Mountain Models Live in Knoxville, TN Contact: Jade McClenon Results

August 18, 2018: South Jersey Classic in Sewell, NJ Contact: Lisa Smalley Results

November 17, 2018: Southwest Desert Live in Tucson, AZ Contact: Pat McDonald .

August 25, 2018: Southwest PA Classic in Bentleyville, PA Contact: Bonnie Valentine Results

October 20, 2018: Spirit Horse Live in Council Bluffs, IA Contact: Molly Pengra Results

October 27, 2018: Spooky Live in St. Helens, OR Contact: Melissa Clegg Results

May 5, 2018: Starry Night Live in Waverly, NE Contact: Skye Melbye

May 5, 2018: Stone Country Fair in Shipshewana, IN Contact: Dawn Henderson Results

July 14, 2018: Stone Age Live in Lexington, KY Contact: Dawn Henderson Results

January 26, 2019: Super-CALI-Fragilistic Live in Los Olivos, CA Contact: Kylee Parks

August 11-12, 2018: Sweet Onion SheNANigans in Walla Walla, WA Contact: Shana Bobbitt Results


June 16, 2018: The One Fifth of a FULL Century (As in Literally a SCORE of Years) Anniversary Celebration of the TWENTIETH Absolutely Positively Gonna Happen Every Year Without Exception (Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise) (Snow or At Least Freezing Weather Seems More Likely) (The Weather Continues to Be Weird , But The Show Hall Is Still A Long Way From The Creek And Has Heat As Well As Air Conditioning) Annual North Texas Equine Miniaturists Association Bring-Your-Own Table, Many Rosettes and Possibly A Trophy or So (The Box On My Porch Seems a Bit Sad) No Tag/No 3x5 Card, No Database (Yet), Once More A North American Nationals Tune-Up (Yay), Pre-BreyerFest Strategy and Prize Model Accumulation Plotting Soiree, Sell And Swap Meet, Schmooze-Fest, All-Performance Qualifying Show with Pink Performance NAN Cards (But Still Only Two Per Class), Pot Luck Lunch, All-Day Grazing, Still No NAN Tag Preparation Required, Critique of BreyerFest Special Runs, China Tales from Clinky Mayhem, Discussion Regarding All and Anything of Interest (Still Strictly Eschewing National Politics),General Chaos, and No Longer on the Parking Lot Weiner Roast XX (That’s Roman Numerals for TWENTY, Not A Rating) In A Building with Working Air-Conditioning, a Full Kitchen, and Lots of Parking (No, I Was Not Drunk While Creating This Title, Since The BYO is Not Yet In Its Twenty-First Year, and Besides the Show Hall Is In A Church. Are You SURE Y’all Don’t Want Me To Start Over??)

Contact: Sue StewartResults

October 13-14, 2018: The Region X Championships (TRXC) in Amherst, MA Contact: Ann Harris

July 7, 2017: The Tiny Cat Classic in Ann Arbor, MI Contact: Marisa Hildebrandt Results

October 21, 2018: Toronto's Autumn Live in Toronto, Canada Contact: Neena Bickram Results


November 10, 2018: Veteran's Day Live in Riga, MI Contact: Trina Houser


December 1, 2018: WACCO PLUS 2018 with I FEEL A DRAFT in San Martin, CA Contact: Jane Morehouse.

November 17, 2018: White Creek Firehouse Fundraiser Mini Model Horse Show in White Creek, NY Contact: Christine Robinson

July 29, 2018: Wild N Free Live in Omaha, NE Contact: Jennifer De Bruin Results

December 2, 2018: Winter Festivus in San Martin, CA Contact: KRisten Arendt.

October 27, 2018: World Clydesdale Model Horse Show 2018 in Madison, WI Contact: Greg Stebnitz Results

Last updated on December 2, 2018