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NAMHSA seeks Show and Membership Secretary!

The Show Membership Secretary (SMS) is responsible for approving live shows throughout North America for NAMHSA membership. The SMS must precisely follow NAMHSA guidelines regarding member show requirements. Due to the nature of the position, reliable email and Internet access is required. You should have daily access to email and be able to answer various inquiries promptly. The SMS must have a reasonable familiarity with the NAMHSA Bylaws and be very familiar with Show Membership rules. This information is located at

This is a time intensive and challenging position with a three-year term starting January 1, 2018. The SMS is an appointed, non-voting member of the NAMHSA Board of Directors. Members of the Board may show at NAN and participate in all other NAMHSA activities. The Show Member Secretary is a paid position. The SMS will be paid $300 in July after successfully assisting with the qualification process for NAN and successfully completing the show registrations for the prior six months, and $300 in January for successfully completing the show registrations for the prior six months.

A) Membership DATABASE: Maintain a simple database of all approved NAMHSA member shows. The database generates various reports/exports based on the membership info recorded: show name, show date, show location, showholder name, showholder address, phone, e-mail, show website (if applicable), region, date membership approved, NANs the show qualifies for, # halter-breed tickets, # halter-other tickets, # performance tickets, and date cards need to be mailed. The database must allow the SMS to easily copy & paste or export the show data to other documents and lists as needed or into e-mail. An electronic database for all approved shows must be maintained. Currently the database is in MS Excel. The database can be separate files to keep the file size manageable (archived by month, quarter or year). Database records may be required by other NAMHSA Board members to mail/email material to NAMHSA member shows.
B) ARCHIVES: The SMS keeps all NAMHSA documents that come into the Secretary's hands, including show applications, etc. for at least two show years (May 1-April 30) after receipt.
a. Verify that the application is received 60 days prior to the show date and that all NAMHSA required information (membership fee/show packet/class list/date/advertising plan, etc.) are present. b. Check the class list and make note of any classes that should not be NAN qualifiers (ie fantasy, animals, youth/novice) if it does not state this in the show rules. Do not approve the show until a corrected class list has been received.
D) Verify that the show's printed rules comply with NAMHSA requirements.
E) Enter show data into database.
F) Email showholder informing them of NAMHSA membership approval and that their NAN tickets will be sent at least two or three weeks before the show date.
G) Photocopy the show membership fee check/money order
H) Forward show membership fee check/money order to NAMHSA treasurer on at least a monthly basis.
I) Petty cash requests with all petty cash receipts must also be photocopied and the originals forwarded to the NAMHSA treasurer on an as-needed basis.
J) Send via email the show information (date/showholder/address/website, etc) to the NAMHSA webmistress for placement on the website, and to all the NAMHSA Yahoo groups including NAMHSA-Discussion and Haynet, as well, if you are subbed there (usually done twice a month). You may request the regional reps to send you an invite to the regional lists, and you may be on no mail on the regional lists.
K) Mail NAN cards to shows in a timely fashion.
L) File show paperwork chronologically in archives.

APPLICATION PROCESS: If you are interested in this position please send a statement of interest to the NAMHSA VP, Marilou Mol at
Please include:
a. Your name, address, email address, and phone number.
b. A brief description of your hobby involvement including such information as the number of years in the hobby, and your hobby activities (i.e. NAMHSA experience, live show participation, live showholder, other hobby involvement).
c. A short statement describing your general qualifications and your interest in the position would be helpful, including any experience managing small mailing databases.

The NAMHSA Board of Directors will review all applications. The VP may individually contact applicants by email or phone for additional information.

Additional information regarding the position can be received also by sending an email to NAMHSA VP Marilou Mol. If you feel you could take on this essential position, please do apply! Every member showholder and every member show entrant relies upon the SMS.

Deadline for applying is December 10, 2107

Last updated on November 27, 2017